12 comments on “Why did they make all the OG’s graduate in 2009?

  1. Looking at all the fuckups OG’s have piled together since then and you wonder why they didn’t do cut them loose sooner.

  2. I think the original post has a bit of cause and effect mixed up. A lot of them had ALREADY stopped getting significant work. People like Abe Natsumi or Matsuura Aya would still release an occasional single, but they were no longer written by Tsunku. To try to continue going with them would either cause an aging H!P without room for new members, or continuing to add more people with everyone continuing to get less and less significant content.

  3. It was time for them to go… Only like Nacchi and Ayaya were still getting work so u just had dozens of OG idols on the roster doing nothing but making cameo’s at HP summer and winter concerts… H!P was ready to usher in the future which is supported by the fact that S/mileage was announced less than a week after the mass graduations… It wouldnt have been a big deal if Kamei didnt abruptly graduate a year later and leave a void upfront couldnt fill for a while

  4. Grocery store and expiry dates. You can still make some use of that material through anaerobic digestion. Probably can’t give them to the homeless because of legal complications though.
    (sorry if the joke is poor)

  5. It’s almost hard to think of a current H!P concert where the Elder Club still exists.

    Imagine, all the Platinum members would have the same teary-eyed send-offs only to reunite with the remaining members at the next H!P tour and maybe have a chance of performing in a shuffle unit with them. Well, I guess Aika went though that.

    It used to be so common for OGs to work together with new members because of Elder Club (or even HaroMoni back then). It was like a miracle when Morning Musume appeared at Dreamusu’s final concert, and now the closest thing to that is the Countdown Live. I hope the New Years concert becomes a tradition because I think it’s exciting to see any post-2009 members H!P appear/interact with OGs.

  6. IMO, the reason was purely commercial reason.. In that time H!P was not in the good time (in terms of publicity & maybe in financial), meanwhile they have lots of artist need to be paid.

    So probably they “released” to reduce overall load balance. “Invest” with professional personnel like OGs probably will cost much (higher salary) than invest with young-fresh personnel (much more like fresh graduate, less-cosl).

    • In that sense, it’s almost like a professional sports team: When you have to decided whether to re-sign your older stars who are very expensive versus moving forward with new members/draftees who are way cheaper by comparison.

  7. Well now the most common comment on H!P tv appearances and news stories is “I don’t know who any of them are.” Maybe they were trying to save money or cut down on scandals but they made H!P irrelevant.

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