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    • >i am a huge fagget
      i hate u, anon. i dream of yuu karin getting blowjobs from highschool boys and girls all the time. i hope the internal cum guy writes internal cum fanfics about you, you big meany butt.

    • I can’t pick between Iikubo’s and Yuukarin’s noses. Eskimo(Inuit for p/c) kisses all day.

      Ayaya has one on her lips. Of course that means that it’s unfortunately often hidden under gloss.

  1. 4-nin S/mileage forever stays in my heart…

    It’s just a kind of pain when you cannot shed a tear but can’t help feeling depressed and lost forever in your heart…

  2. I wonder if I will have turned into a roaming spirit like these by this time next year…

    My favorite mole in H!P is definitely Chayu’s—and not just because it’s on her. It just is positioned perfectly.

  3. Lmao, they’re still making these Yuukarin threads???
    Its been 3 years, get over it already.
    I have……………..not……im sorry for lying.
    It still hurts so much, why would she do this to us???

  4. 23: 名無しさん 2014/04/13(日)21:21:15 ID:???
    The Big Three of H!P wota spirits:

    Eririn spirits
    Yuukarin spirits
    Meguru spirits

    Word, basically the top 3 idols of H!P that left before they were supposed to.. They have achieved like a legendary status and are the ones we wish to make a return or even a cameo appearance at least once to fill the void they left…

    And Yuukarin does have the angelic aura in the first pic, looks like she’s sprouting energy wings

    • Asami is a completely different case because even though she left for college, she came back to M-line after a year and even had a long run in Ongaku Gatas.

  5. You soulless bastard.. This heart bleeds for one and you dare…………………………. The wound… The pain.. Ooo mole

  6. Yossy was the original mole girl for me. Ai Takahashi also had some tiny but notable moles on her chin and collar/shoulder. Then there’s Fukuchan’s “Summer Triangle constellation” on her face.

  7. I still “come” to her now and then.
    I wonder if she looks even more alluring in bikini, now.
    She probably hated that part of her job.

  8. She was super cute and pretty and angelic and all that, but the expression that she had on her face for the last weeks just made me think “ugh just go already”. Seriously, she looked like she didn’t give a single shit for S/mileage anymore and seemed to despise the new members.
    …then again, at least in that last part she probably is in best company with some wota.

    • Indeed. It was obvious that Yuukarin didn’t even try to hide the fact that she thought adding new members into S/mileage was an act equal to the office taking a huge shit on the group.

  9. Japanese wota seem to go crazy about Yuukarin.. I know that she’s cute & have strong personalities, but seem like they couldn’t move away from her..

    For me personally, i feel sad too, but now i have “successor” of Yuukarin.. It’s Tomoko aka Kanatomo..

  10. I was more devastated when Yuukarin announced that she will graduate than Sayu announcement even if Sayu was my oshi. And she graduated on new years eve which makes my new year sad. Yuuka will always be my 2nd favorite H!P member, I just hope after she graduate from school she make a comeback.

  11. When you think about it, I think Eririn leaving is a bit sadder (maybe it’s just the fan in me) because even though she appears here and there in some member blogs, you really have no sense of what she’s doing with her life now.

    At least with Yuukarin, you can see she’s just back to being a schoolgirl who hangs out with her friends/classmates and goes on trips, etc … but what exactly is Kamei doing? Has she moved on or does she still look at the current lineup and think what could have been if she had stayed???

  12. I also loved Yuuka back in the day and I still remember her as I do with all of my oshis who graduate but I don’t get these grieving threads… Get over it already, she hasn’t tragically died or something. It’s the same with Uta Loss, she was also my favorite but I never got the whole uproar surrounding her leaving the group, she had a lot of potential and she was a total cutie but come on…

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