13 comments on “If we can post “Yuukarin comeback” by 11/11 11:11 before the 111th post, Yuukarin will make a comeback

  1. There IS something infinitely “one of a kind” about Yuukarin. She’s the best chance available to physics for learning what happens when Irresistable Cuteness meets Immovable Beauty. I can empathize with the obsession.

  2. I want kamei to do a come back…even just appearing for the last rokkies MC at sayu last concert are fine

    • I was hoping she would return, if her skin condition got under control to her liking…Sayu & Eri led Momusu would just so completely rule!!

  3. this is kinda sad, henkka. why do you want us to be sad? okay, the makoto comments are pretty funny though.

  4. It’s been over two weeks since the last post. If we can post “Henkka comeback” by 12/12 12:12 before the 112th post, henka will give us a dozen epic translations that would keep us satisfied for a month.

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