15 comments on ““Who is worse: Tsuji-chan back then or Maa-chan right now?” Tsuji Nozomi: “Maa-chan.”

  1. Maa is the natural born brat type,
    Tsuji was a professional brat,
    Aibon was the smoking delinquent brat
    and Koharu… well Koharu was Koharu.

    Each one a different type of the glorious “stupid idol” role.

    • Maa-chan is truly the most enigmatic brat of all time. You can spend hours staring out into space, trying to figure out the meaning of all the weird crap she does.

  2. Maa-chan is a class above everyone else. She’ll end up either with an award or with a life sentence. And I love that I can’t tell which one is most probable.

  3. Both of them are brats
    (but I reminded the previous translated handshake incidents, so… not sure if things like maa-chan did would be possible at Tsuji time)

  4. Yeah, I agree with the comments about it being intentional. I think it became intentional for Masaki over time, but I wouldn’t argue with the fact that it was probably natural brattiness sometimes.

    Like Ulises said, there’ll always be room for a “stupid idol” role & the fans who like them. (I’m one of them, so, not shade)

  5. According to Sayu, Koharu was pretty manipulative and disrespectful of sempais. Otherwise she acted mostly professional in front of the screen and in concerts.

    Maachan was shown to have been unprofessional in stage plays and in fan greetings.

    I don’t remember much of tsuji and kago except mari-chan felt she was being bullied by the pair from time to time.

      • Since Hello!Project doesn’t offer many of the H!P idols staff jobs after graduation, why SHOULDN’T she consider H!P a means to an end? Koharu did a great job of “building her brand” at H!P but failed miserably at developing the skills needed to stay at H!P so they kicked her out. Even so, she’s had a pretty good post H!P career, so she has done the most with the least so to speak.

    • If I’m not mistaken, I think it was the pair who felt bullied by Mari. What they did to her was just payback.

      BTW, a lot of the Platinum members seem to confirm that Mari was overall not too nice to her kohai behind the scene. Don’t know if it’s because:

      1 – She hated being in Minimoni
      2 – She fell threatened by the younglings
      3 – She’s just an evil biatch

      My guess is, her ex-husband might pick numero 3.

      • The the story line that Minimoni was Mari’s idea just a story line?

        Also, if Mari was a bad person 24/7 how come she was regularly on six different variety shows a week at one point?

      • Kids feel like they were being bullied by an older person usually is because the kids were brat and the adult in the situation wants them to behave.

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