44 comments on “H!P starts doing much stricter inspections of fans’ belongings at events & hats banned?!

  1. It’s related to the attack on AKB girls right? At least part of it..

    They should sells HP hats and make HP hats as the only hats wota can wear to concert.. Profits~

    • Probably. What makes it even more ridiculous is that the guy who attacked AKB wasn’t even a fan of theirs in the first place.

    • Are wotas not allowed to take pictures during handshake event? I mean are they afraid people might stick pin hole camera in hat or something?…

      Or are they afraid someone suspicious might enter and couldn’t tell because their face are concealed by the hat or something.. If so.. Just do a quick inspection.. If they have hair, take their hats for a while.. Let the baldies keep their hats..

    • You lookin’ for trouble? Well, fuck you too!

      Generalizing over countless people, just because there’s bound to be some crazies in any large group… I can’t believe it, you’re really the lowest.

  2. I wonder if walking sticks are okay. They are more dangerous than hats, but people might fall over without one…

    > 101: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/06(金) 01:39:57.98 0.net
    > Everyone should be forced to completely shave their heads.
    > I mean, people could try to hide small knives or metal spikes in their hair.

    Haha. Please no though. I need my beautiful hair!

  3. Definitely the AKB event to blame. Though in our country too, there are inspections & removing your hats when entering malls. And reading your comment, Henkka, going to an event is no joke for the wallet =_=;;

  4. Next thing you know, handshake event will be transform into fingers touch event, E.T style. Woo Taaa

  5. “107: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/18(水) 17:35:44.79 0.net
    Okay, I’ll stop saying “baldies” and start calling you X-Men instead.”

    These X-Men have the sh!ttiest super power ever.

  6. ” 8: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/05/31(土) 15:36:55.15 0.net
    At least check the hats beforehand and let us wear them again before we stand face-to-face with the members… The staff are so inconsiderate… ”

    Even if someone was hiding a weapon in a hat, or if they want to make sure the person’s face isn’t conceiled so that they can be easily identified if they try to do something….the least they can do is just let wota wear their hats after they’ve been checked.

    At least the pace of the handshakes are supposedly better.

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the concert Henkka, was wondering when the tickets would go on sale… My ticket is officially paid for now :) Hope to see some of ya’ll there

    As for the increase in security I’m all for it.. You gotta remember that most of these idols are just kids and if i gotta do a security check thats on par or surpasses an airport security check so these kids can feel like theyre safe then so be it… Safety shouldn’t be pushed aside just cause its an inconvenience when a life could be potentially on the line

  8. They just need to make a video with the H!P idols saying baldies and huge forehead people are handsome. Problem solved. No one will wear a hat ever, some might even shave their heads.

  9. Okay, that hat-stuff is crazy, but “checking bags” and stuff… Japanese people sure have been spoiled considering this lol. Here it’s the most normal thing in the world to get checked before you enter a bigger event, and usually you’re not allowed to take big bags with you. For at least a century now.

  10. No hats allowed? Damn..so much for me bringing in condoms. I guess I’ve no other choice other than to have to do it raw dog style on Fukuchan when I pound her pussy hard. Don’t blame me for ejaculating inside her later on

    • Because I am Taylorniw aka Lynn and all anonymous commenter here who hates Riho and Maachan because they’ve got so much attention and love, while me on the otherhand is a loser virgin (but my anus isn’t anymore because I was raped by my dog and I subconsciously love it yet I’m still a hateful person and I fap to Akipi.); I think these aces including Sakura are stupid and Tsunku is stupid as well for adding them to the group. He should’ve made them talentless cutesy-fartsy like AKB to make more money, for money makes the world go round thus I’m a loveless hater who is dedicated to hate/bash/degrade all lovable girls.

        • OMG. How did you know? Ok, I am NightofFire, aka Taylorniw and Lyn. Sorry guys, I am schizophrenic. The symptoms first appeared after my dog raped me. And it has gotten worse when I had sex with Aitor (his dick was microscopic, btw.) Soon after, I found out that he was also me. Yes, I had sex with myself. It’s hard to be a Hikkomori, you know.

        • Yeah. the only good one is Sayumi. the rest is garbage.

          They are all fucking ugly. Only Mizuki, Ikuta and Duu are worth shit but they have terrible skin and only look good with photoshop.

          • Shut up Akipi! Stop lurking on us. Go get busy again on hiring a mania to stab your girls and create controversy, you exploitation-buff!

      • >I think these aces including Sakura are stupid

        Only biased Riho-fans would try to convince people that anybody thinks Sakura is stupid.

  11. Man, this comment section has turned to shit lately.
    Now we got those butthurt Riho & Maachan fags, people impersonating these retards and that fucking fanfiction guy.

    But you gotta love reading Musume fans shit on each other because of their useless group.
    What a stupid fucking bunch.

  12. Only Michishige wotas are unaffected by the new policy because they know Sayumi loves her baldie fans.

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  14. Nogizaka46 has small walls between the girls and the fans now, the girls have to stand on a small box to reach over the wall.

  15. I assume this is because of what happened at AKB’s handshake event. That guy wasn’t even a fan but he’s single handedly ruined these event for everyone.

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