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  1. hah! :D

    being married doesn’t necessary mean you are happy. many guys give up their hobby, professional carrier for marriage and kids. not to mention the lack of sex and their below average wives. …and they pretend to be happy.
    then they divorce for various reasons. both, their personal life and marriage life end up as a failure.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Look at it from the bright side. As a wota you have a choice, as an idol that clock is always ticking to that inevitable graduation. ;)

    Happy Christmas Hennka.

    • Ayaya speaks the truth but as someone who won’t be able to find love in a relationship.. I’ve found solace in the ‘love’ from the idols.

      I understand the feeling the wota in the comic but I’m also aware of the pathetic state I’m in, leeching off from one idol to another for love. I just feels that if I hold to these ‘love’ I can continue to breath and maybe put on a smile while I’m at it.

      Sorry Ayaya. For now, I felt this is the only thing I can do.

      Sorry guys, the anonymity of the internet is a great thing. I felt a little bit better when I write something like this.

  3. What awaits me at the end of staircase is Funachan wearing pink bikini.

    I’m going to stay in this fandom for a while, dog.

  4. Let’s put it this way, if you have no talents and passions, focusing on one obsession is gonna screw you up. No matter if that obsession is idols or something else. To me, this comic just sounds like a person with nothing to go for in life blaming everything on idols. But really, they would’ve probably ended up on the same or a similar path even if they weren’t an otaku.

    • There aren’t enough female wota around and most of them don’t look that good at all.
      Speaking of first hand experience of Juice=Juice in Germany there were not that many females. There was that one girl with a Fukubust, short and really white I kinda liked her but I didn’t speak with her because I didn’t know if she just looked really young or if she was actually pretty young lol and her mother or something was with her so I really don’t know. She could’ve easily been one of Juice=Juice if she just lost about 5kg I swear. If somebody knows about her tell me. I think she was Sayuki and Tomoko wota on the left side of the hall but I hardly remember where so if you know please let me know. I really hope she didn’t realise my stares lolololo.

      • No one said that the fellow wota female had to be good looking. You will probably be okay even if she doesn’t look like an idol so long as you don’t hate her kamioshi or vice versa.

        • Yes she doesn’t need to be a topmodel or something.
          The mentioned girl was a bit chubby.
          But I need to find her pretty because I want to have sex with her.

          • Make up. Do you really think idols are ‘beautiful’ like they are by nature? Look up their audition photos. Most of them looks completely different.

        • If you were able to have somebody who looks young and cute as a idol wouldn’t you take her if her character is good too and she likes idols?

          Lol I just don’t know how old she is there were girls didn’t look older than 16 but
          even that would be legal in Germany lol. 16 is not far from 18 which is legal adult and 14 is legal with adult consent. I still hope she was at least 16.

  5. This cartoon could be done from the perspective of the typical idol too. Something along the lines of successfully struggle with thousands at audition/selected and get a few years of fame/graduate and fade into obscurity.

  6. Merry Christmas Henkka. Interesting choice for a Christmas post. I’m glad you can see the humor in this, it just reads like a tragedy to me.

    I’m so out of practice with manga these days, I read the whole first page before I noticed that I should be going right to left. The beginning is even more sad in that order, because it sounds like the “friends” he made are just the idols.

    I recommend taking a look at “AKB48論” by Kobayashi Yoshinori for a pretty amazing look at wota / idol culture in manga format. Yeah, the name probably doesn’t sound like something that would interest you, but it will. Probably. There’s a few pages here and there where the author decides to preach on how great AKB is and draw his crazy connection between AKB’s competitive style and the Japanese warrior spirit, somehow tying it all up into an argument for reforming history and Article 9, but other than that I think it should be pretty interesting even if you’re not into AKB. Ok, honestly, I found those parts quite funny as well so maybe I’m not the right guy to judge.

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