17 comments on “Matsuura Aya (2010): “Don’t make me the purpose of your existence. I’m not responsible for your lives.”

  1. Ayaya just be true to herself and some of these wota surely creep me out, worry about what they might have done

  2. Matsuura Aya could have been more than just idol; she could have risen to be as big as Hamasaki Ayumi or Amuro Namie.

    • Honestly, I think her career would have blossomed if she had left H!P just a few years earlier and signed with another label. By the end of her H!P career, artists and critics alike were praising her but the general public still associated her with her early career – bright idol pop and funny costumes.

      • “I think her career would have blossomed if she had left H!P”

        Yeah, just like Goto Maki, right?

  3. I wont be mad when gaki and kame get married.
    But with kames marriage especiallyit will feel like a farewell.
    I mean i ll stll like gakikame but now they ll have husbands
    Its like a farewell to adolescent fun, i like the new gens but its no special like the old ones.
    Thanks ayaya zubato! For the advice to get married but i ve burned that bridge lobng ago and i dont regret it

  4. Ayaya will always be one of my favourite idols. H!P-wide, and outside of H!P.
    Her music is fantastic, her early character was so nice and fun, and later on she became so graceful yet so clever and amazing.

    I wish H!P’s current idols could be a bit more like that.

  5. Every idol probably should have this kind of “advice” to wota, advice that they’re human too (same with wota), so just live their live normally although they are wota..

  6. This is great stuff Henkka! I loved your favorite performance of your favorite song! Classic!

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. God bless you for this thread Henkka.
    As a recent H!P fan who didn’t have the privilege of following Ayaya while she was active, and as a big fan of her music today I really appreciate this.
    Especially the twitter conversations part.
    I just sensed she was a good person, even though I knew little about her.

    And I wanna use this opportunity to say how gratefull I am for every thread you make.
    With little translated material this is pure gold, especially for new fans like me.
    I am especially interested to see things from wota’s perspective too, so thank you for that.
    Greetings from the other side of Europe!

  8. Henkka I know what your saying, but putting down to earth as a description of Eri made me lol.

  9. Nice tribute, Henkka

    Though I have moved forward in my fandom Aya will always have a place in my heart.
    And the Matsuurian will always remain a place to return to.
    And hell who knows maybe even the lady herself will grace us again one day

  10. BTW I think it’s just fantastic that the William Shatner Trek convention SNL skit has been translated to Nihongo…

  11. I know this is old but the MM 20th anniversary brought me out of my cave (or corner from Eri’s perspective lol) I’ve been watching old videos and just reminiscing about the good ol’ days. I didn’t know you love both Aya and Eri. I think my ultimate H!P loves were Eri and GAM. I’ve always been and still am an Eri fan since her debut, but I’ve come to the realization that she and Aya are so much alike and you’ve just proved it here.

    I’ve always had this love/aversion (not hate) toward Aya, like I can’t stand cutesy young Ayaya (it’s too sugary) but I love the mature ballad version Aya. lol Eri also looked a lot like young Aya and I remember posting a pic comparison back when my Eririn fansite was active. Also, I’ve always thought that Aya’s songs really suited Eri’s voice which is why 100kai no Kiss is my ultimate favorite H!P song. It’s funny how both of them are out of the spotlight now, living their own lives. I respect that though I long to see a glimpse of either of them today.

    Thanks for this site, I esp. love the Eri posts. Now I know why. lol

    • I’m glad you could see where I was going with the Ayaya/Kame similarities thing. I mean, obviously they’re very different as well… But the thing they have in common is that they’re also some of the most positively human idols to ever have come out of H!P.

      Two absolutely top-tier idols in my books.

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