16 comments on “Tsunku♂ can speak again!

  1. Yay! It’s been so long since I heard about anything other than communicating through electronic means, I was wondering if his attempts to learn alternate speech methods were going anywhere.

  2. I hope he does speak in public again. If he speaks as well as the guy in the sample video, it wouldn’t be bad at all. It would be kind of a relief to people that were worried about him. And to be honest, his voice had gotten so raspy the last year before his surgery, it wouldn’t be THAT much different. He should totally do it.

  3. i d just take it super easily and chi ll .
    I wouldnt lern eso speak but if the man wNts to all power to him i guess.
    He keeps presduring gimaelf.
    A true workaholic.

  4. I couldn’t help but cheer out loud…

    Welcome back, Tsunku’s voice! Even though it’s unlikely we’ll hear him speak in public any time soon, it’s very relieving to know he’s made such great progress ^_^

  5. >he just doesn’t think it’s very rock’n’roll
    If anyone can make it sound rock’n’roll, it’s him.

    • It also reminds me of his book that Henkka translated–he’s changed his mind on what’s “rock’n’roll” allowable over the years. Like having your wife and kids at your concerts.

  6. that’s amazing! Tsunku can make everything sound like rock’n’roll ^^ to be honest… I wasn’t expecting to see him in public again except for various shows where he uses a computer… but that’s not the way Tsunku does things… he always finds solutions! I’m so happy for him and his family…

  7. Gaki probably waited all this time to get married, to make sure Tsunku could speak at her wedding.

  8. >Henkka: Well, what can I say? Tsunku♂ is but a man of his word.

    Haha! Funny man Henkka! :D

  9. Amazing news! Of course, it’s up to him to decide whom he shares his new voice with, to me it’s enough to see him happy. <3

    • He does still write songs for Momusu. The Vision and Tokyo to Iu are Tsunku. And on every single last year he wrote at least two of the songs on the triple a’s (Seishun Kozo, Yuugure, Oh My wish, Sukatto, Tsumetai, Endless Sky, and One and Only). He’s now labeled as Momusu’s “sound producer”.

      They’re the only group he still writes for, except Juice=Juice’s last single had Karada, written by Tsunku.

    • Their recent releases have Tsunku songs:

      -Morning Musume: Tokyo to Iu Katasumi; The Vision
      -C-ute: Summer Wind

      And for the other groups that previously had Tsunku as producer:

      -Angerme: Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru
      -Juice=Juice: Next is You; Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai


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