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    The other day I went to karaoke with Sayu and Reina. They surprised me with how good they both were.

    “I’ll have to do my best, too” is what I was thinking to myself as I was listening to their singing voices resounding from the next room.

    LMAO, this one got me, frickin dyin right now with laughter

  2. Lately Sayu has been saying “You’re the prettiest in Morning Musume” when im around

    I wonder why she’s always looking in a mirror when she says it though

  3. Reina always says that she loves to eat juicy meat

    Then for some reason she’ll try and stab my thighs with a fork

  4. I know you don’t do requested translations – and so I’m not asking for that – but oh my god I could not be more grateful if you’d just tell me, in like one sentence, how are the general (OG) H!P fans reacting to those pictures of Kago and Tsuji together?

    • Here’s a thread about it. In one sentence? They’re pretty excited about it. Just like for us, it’s been many, many years since they last saw those two together. The general consensus is: “this is pretty awesome.”

    • What was so weird about it is that Kago made it open to the public and Tsuji semi hid the post. Tsuji’s husband Taiyou even blocked out Kago’s face when he posted it on his blog. I was so excited about it but I honestly felt sad that Tsuji couldn’t openly say it and it only made news because of Kago posting it

  5. When I was five, mommy told me peope can’t read into people’s mind like in anime

    I guess she was wrong.

    Well awesome thread and awesome music x) Really set the mood. But I’ve never heard of Eri being depressed, where did that come from ?

    • when Eri joined she was very shy and had a depressing atmosphere to her. If you look at the Rokkies you’ll see each of them was strange.

    • She also like to sit in tight spaces. She would wedge herself between vending machines or boxes. Probably to avoid being eaten alive by Fujimoto

    • Yeah she didnt become the bubbly nutcase we know till about a year or two after she joined, most people attribute her sudden personality change to getting the role as Elizabeth Kyamei on the Hello Morning new segment and more importantly the of Eric Kamezou in the following news segment… It was even alluded to in the JKM single about how she finally feels comfortable and fits in with the rest of the group

  6. Haromoni@ Moutube 27 (10/8/2008). Kame drew a cursed paper from the shrine.. Years later.. Kame graduated.. On of the things written on the paper.. Sickness.. Critical..

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