22 comments on “Looking back, Kamei Eri was simply an outstanding talent

  1. *sigh* Still my favorite member. I hope she’s doing well and enjoying her life as a real person now.

  2. I wonder if she will ever come back to the entertainment world? I miss Eri so much, it took two new members to fill the gap of Eri (Maachan and Ikubo) for me

  3. It would have been amazing to see Kamei in Majidesuka Ska. If only she could havee stayed a bit longer… Seeing her interact with 9th and 10th gen would be interesting. Imagine her getting close with fellow-airhead Maachan. Maa would truly be an honorary 6ki.
    GakiKame leadership would have been nice to see too.

  4. she’s my favorite MM member of all time.
    I could never ask for better but she keeps getting better.
    her aho-ness, sweet voice, great dance totally captivated me.
    I wish Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni have a PV.
    for me she’s the best musume.
    kame-chan!!! I miss you!!!

  5. I too always felt that GakiKame was a great duo. And Kamei was definitely one of the greatests H!P personalities of all time which is saying much since I pretty much like all of them from every eras and bands.

  6. @refregeeta2000 = love your name, nice Kamei reference!

    once all is said and done, Kamei will go down as one of the greatest MM members, not because the was the best at any one thing over some others or even the best overall, but because she was able to develop from what she was into what she became at the end of her stint in MM, thereby proving the whole idea of an ‘idol’ is really true. Her whole ‘Aho’ personality and general airheadedness was also charming and made her seem vulnerable… you just want to hug that little Kame every time she flubs something or draws something horrible because she is able to project vulnerability. In another girl, that personality may come off as incredibly irritating, but with Kame you just want to pat her in the head and tell her she is great.

    I would also posit that she was the glue during the Platinum era, she was always there with a laugh and comment to bring joy to the group, plus she was a reliable performer (more so than Sayumi), who was able to back up Ai and Reina during many songs and performances (in addition to co-leading in Kimagure Princess, loved here there!) Kame-wotas can only fantasize if she had stayed in MM if she could finally be taking her place in the center and undisputed ace over Reina right now and being senpai over the new girls. Also, Kamei and Maachan doing things together would have been pure gold.

    • “Also, Kamei and Maachan doing things together would have been pure gold.” With Maachan already being called the honorary 6ki member, that just sounds so perfect to me.

      Kamei was the member who remained as my oshi the longest. I couldn’t really come up with a reason back then as to why I found her so endearing, it just gradually happened, but I think you summed it up quite nicely. It was such a joy to see her develop into the beautiful person she is, and listening to her singing just improve so much.

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  8. It was a random Kamei Eri clip on YouTube from MoutTube that rekindled my love for Morning Musume.

  9. The Turtle was the greatest thing in MM, while Fujimotos and Ishikawas looks first drew me in it was Kamei that really got me hooked on MM and after she graduated it took a long time before i even started paying attention at MM again.

    Sad the way she had to get out of the industry, I so wish she would come back to the entertainment industry in one way or another, she might be a full time actual airhead but she was quite entertaining, I guess she cant do much TV jobs due to heavy makeup and heat being bad for her condition but atleast radio, Her and Gakis radio show was quite good.

    I search at least once a month on the net for news on the “missing” Thunder thighs Turtle.

  10. Eri was really the best. It took me a while to get warm to her, but after that performance with Kago 111 posted she was growing on me.
    At the end of her stint she had been my fav member of all of H!P. I cried when I heard she was going to graduate (and I cried more when I heard the pandas are graduating with her). I still miss her, even though Maa-chan and Zukki are filling her gap for me, at least some. What really sucked was Eri disappearing completely for nearly 2 years before the first pics of her with Ai-chan surfaced. I miss seeing her around and I hope she’s happy now living her live like she wanted to – like a normal woman in japanese society.

  11. eri has the best smile in the world ^_^… i still love kamei until now and no one could ever change that… ^_^

  12. Kame was and will always be my favourite member ):
    too bad she completely disappeared from the entertainment world…if only she had a blog TT_TT…
    Everytime some member uploads a picture with her on her blog i am so happy!

  13. Kame-chan forever. <3 I'm glad to see that Japanese wota see the same things that made me love her.. and the fact that she's gaining new fans still is amazing! I've seen it happen.

    Though that means my competition for buying Kame goods remains high even 2+ years after her graduation. xD Her stuff sell higher than Aichan, Reina, Sayu, Rika and other past popular members. Even more than current super popular girls like Riho. But hey, if anyone deserves all the love.. it's my perfect turtle. <3

    • I just started following MM a few short months ago… and I´m a Kame-wota! That´s nearly 3 years after her graduation, so you can really see how big an impact she´s had in MM.

    • i’m glad to hear that kame stuff sell higher and im proud to say that im kame-wota… im not from japan so this news was really make me glad.

  14. Kamei Eri truly is amazing. I hope she is doing well now and is enjoying her life and whatever she’s up to now. It’s kind of sad she’s basically fallen off the face of the Earth though. But I am glad that there hasn’t been anyone stalking her or being disrespecting of her privacy.

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