7 comments on “There was a H!P girl wota at karaoke in the room next to mine

  1. I think I’d be quite ecstatic if someone were to sing MoMusu, or H!P song in general, in karaoke place. Not many fans in my country. ;A; So it’d be nice to meet a new one and maybe even join in with them, in a non-creepy way. XD

  2. He could have smiled at her. If she smiled back, he could have said “I think I heard you singing Shabondama. Reina’s graduation is sad, isn’t it.” or something like that. If that was said to me, I wouldn’t think anything bad.

    But I’m not Japanese, so Japanese girls might be different. Also, if he really looks like a gorilla… (laughed so much at that, haha)

    anyways, thanks for translating! I really enjoy reading these. It’s fun to learn about Japanese wota this way. ^_^

  3. Did OP really think he would be reported for smiling or saying hello? lol
    I think saying something like “I heard you singing ____” might seem a little creepy, but there’s no other way to bring it up.

    If this is his reaction to a normal girl wota, what would he do if they saw a H!P member walk out of those rooms?

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  5. If he heard me belting out H!P songs I’d be a little embarrassed but after finding out that we both love H!P and are a little tone-deaf (LOL!) I think it’d be okay. I think this is definitely something that shows the differences in culture, young Japanese girls seem to be quick to say someone is gross so of course he didn’t want to just go out an approach her. Had I been in the other room and heard him, I would probably approach him myself. Maybe set up a karaoke date for the next weekend, though to be one the safe side I’d bring a friend the first time. But H!P wota should be pretty safe. Since there’s a HUGE language barrier I’d imagine singing together would be very fun and hilarious (at least for him). I guess that’s something for female wota to know, that the males won’t approach us first so if we want to say ‘hello’ we’d have to be the ones to do so first.

  6. Hmm, I feel like it’s totally okay to say hello? If the girl acts like she doesn’t want to talk, as long as you back off immediately it should be fine… just asking if she’s a fan and seeing if she responds to conversation should be okay?

  7. I don’t see why creepy, i mean the guy just wanted to be friend with a girl XD but it seems that is a hard thing to do in Japan. He should have said something when both step out the karaoke, just a ‘hello’ would be fine and if he wanted to talk more, he could ask if she was singing the H!P songs because sounded great, something like that. Or from the room say something with the mic, i mean he’s saying he could hear her, she could hear him too and he could have said something like “Hey there, you’re pretty good singing H!P songs, but i won’t lose” XD.

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