18 comments on “Any guys who ever felt like they wanted to join Morning Musume?

  1. Jokes aside, has there ever been an idol group made up of both boys and girls?? I know there’s Johnny’s but that’s guys only… Don’t know if it’s just me but it would be interesting to see a collaboration or something between groups of both sexes…

    • AAA (with avex) has 7 members–5 guys, 2 girls. And one member (usually) writes his own little rap section for each song. I wouldn’t say they’re as “idolish” as Johnny’s or H!P, but they have similar qualities. Dream5 is another avex group that has four girls and one boy.

      I’ve always hoped Tsunku would seriously produce at least one boy group that would rival H!P.

    • Folder5 back in the late 90s might have been the first. They have a “spin off” group that’s around now, Dream5.

  2. Middle-aged man to Kudo: Looks like I’m your biggest rival in terms of manhood.

    Kudo: “Sod-off! I have husky voice though, unlike you who sound like Maachan.

    Middle-aged man:

  3. I have been told I have the energy level of and act like a 15 year old Japanese girl.
    But I am not middle aged. :( SO CLOSE!

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  5. Id rather be a producer or manager, would just like to be around for all the fun… Get to see all the backstage antics that most fans cant see and be able to make units and line distribution as i see fit :)

  6. Well…this quickly turned into the creepiest thread ever, eh? =P

    Rather than joining them as a fellow idol, I’d prefer to be part of the staff (maybe a dance instructor?) to help support the girls in their efforts.

    I’ve never had dreams about being in the group, but I had a dream where Katsuta was teaching me how to do magic with runes and stuff…she was an adorable witch!

    Then there was another dream where Riho just glared at me condescendingly…that one wasn’t as fun. Why are you mad at me Rihoriho?! T_T

    …but it was OK since it was Riho, I guess LOL ^_^

  7. first photobook ‘middle aged man in Hawaii’ planned

    middle-aged man’s first single at his first HP concert: UCHOTEN love

    middle aged man tries to take a shower with his senpai Fukumura Mizuki only for the office to intervene at the last moment.

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