6 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE ALBUM BOOK Roundtables: Asai Ryo × Yuzuki Asako

  1. With this interview, my Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE/ALBUM BOOK project is now complete. Please note that these books contain a further 10 interviews that weren’t a part of the scope of my project. Here is the list of interviews that remain untranslated — I leave it to someone else to do these. If you do work on them, let me know and I’d be happy to link to you.


    Saeki Kenzo
    Wada Shunsuke

    Voice/dance instructors:

    Kinoshita Natsuko & Yamashira Yoko
    Mitsubachi Maki
    Natsu Mayumi
    Sugiura Yoshimi
    Ueno Mariko

  2. Phew, that was some crazy overly-analytical shit. They really went all out with ”I miss you”. Good note to end this series on; it was very different from the other interviews.
    Congrats for finishing this translation project though. I really appreciate these translations and this series has easily been the best thing to come out of this website. Of course, the 2ch threads are awesome and hilarious but it can’t beat this. I’m excited for that new translation project!

  3. Thanks for this, that was an interesting read.

    There’s so much depth to these songs, and to the idols that sing them, and yet at the same time for those who aren’t into it, it all looks so entirely superficial and shallow.

  4. This is so entertaining. Please give me the privilege, no, the HONOR of sucking your weewee.

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