7 comments on “Tsubaki Factory’s Tanimoto Ami tries to open plastic bottle for 5 minutes; is not successful

  1. No fun, no success, those sad looks in their eyes, badass tea’s bottles… be a Tsubaki’s member should be hard.

  2. haha, i was thinking of that exact moment from the Alo Hello Cute Dvd when maimai couldnt open the jar so she asked Yajima to open it for her… That “Yaji” cry was soooo cute and i kept watching that part over and over again

  3. My daughter’s best friend (6 y-o) knows a trick to open hard bottles. She should teach Ami-chan… if she doesn’t mind being lectured by a first grader.

  4. >I didn’t know there was someone this beautiful in Tsubaki.

    Welcome to the reality

  5. Funnily enough I don’t really care about Ami, but now I’m seeing her drinking my favourite type of cooled tea… oh no… she’s gotten my attention.

    Can’t beat Kishimon though.

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