18 comments on “Ishida Ayumi’s ass causes wota argument

  1. Ishida’s ass might start WW3, or it might unite the world in harmony.

    Either way, for such a tiny girl, it’s a nice ass. Not quite Ogura Yui level, but nice.

  2. Since Ai-chan graduation, everyone looking to see who will have the next great MM booty. Unfortunately as must as i love the current line-up, they all seem to have pretty flat ones. Even though i prefer a nice curvy booty myself, i think the flat ones have a good appeal also.

  3. Damn Henkka…Your awesome comments are what draws me back to this site again and again. Thanks for taking your time out to translate this. Deeply appreciated.

    Anyway, I gotta agree that each person has his own taste. To each his own, One man’s meat is another man’s poison and all the other clinched sayings but personally, I find that Daa-chan is rather attractive – from her dancing to her petite physical stature to her ass to her “flat chest” – I think practically everything about Daa-chan is attractive. I’m so glad Daa-chan has come into my life – albeit in an indirect manner. Thank you for even existing, Daa-Chan

  4. Her ass is fine, just the right size for somebody of her size…Besides she’s outrageously gorgeous so most wont really complain about her proportions that much

    Anyways, before world war 3 starts, everybody just needs to end all the arguments and come to an agreement that the biggest H!P ass belongs to Momo…There really shouldnt be any argument about this lol

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  6. She’s beautiful from head to toe her BUTT included. Any guy would be happy to be with a lovely girl like her so I don’t understand the argument. I completely agree with 16.

  7. “17: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/05/11(日) 07:47:38.40 0.net
    Her body looks like that of a child.”

    Wow, I never knew my ex-fiancee used 2ch.
    She used to say that about anyone not 20Kg overweight….

    • charmy have everything, dude. not only ass…

      but agree with Henkka, Daishi’s ass will make a WW III. of course with suppor from Russia (lol)

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