Asai Ryo & Yuzuki Asako “Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project”


What kinds of novels does the girl in Berryz Koubou’s “Romance wo Katareba” read? What on earth does the irritated protagonist in °C-ute’s “I miss you” have to complain about? And just what type of pasta did the young woman in Tanpopo’s “Otome Pasta ni Kandou” eat in Harajuku?

These are just a couple of the first questions pondered upon by the pair in the above picture.

Loitering Between the Lines of Hello! Project” (2015—) is an ongoing, bi-monthly column published in the CDJournal magazine. In it, writers Asai Ryo and Yuzuki Asako wander stupidly in-depth in discussing and analyzing the words of Tsunku♂ and Hello! Project. If you’re someone who sometimes finds themselves pointlessly speculating about their favorite lyrics, this column is for you.


Note: Part Three is the odd one out: the topic of discussion in it wasn’t lyrics, but rather H!P-related movies. As I haven’t seen any of the films in question nor do I intend to, I chose not to translate it.

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  1. Thank you for translating these series, it is so interesting and I enjoyed reading it so much

    • Thanks for reading!

  2. Will be nife reading. Thanks

  3. I absolutely love this series!!! im so excited to see what else they have to talk about. thank you so much for translating!

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