7 comments on “Fukuda Asuka: “My life would’ve been happier without music.”

  1. It’s a real shame that she blames music for her misfortunes.
    I hope the 20th Anniversary can help her catch a break but she, herself, must try to break out of her comfort zones to make anything happen.
    Surely, the work environment is different now for the 12-year old kids who come into Morning Musume/idol industry. But I think their determination is palpable.

  2. Worth noting in the last few months she’s released a solo single and mini-album. Not available on US iTunes, though, so not easy for most of us to check out easily legitimately.

  3. It’s a bit sad to badmouth her so much, that’s generally not how you should talk to a troubled person. They are most likely to get more entrenched in their pattern of thought if you come down on them like that.

    I heard rumors of her getting bullied by members back then, and given how ruthless everybody was for stardom in the group it’s kinda believable and understandable for her to want to leave.

    Rather than bag on her for the trouble she’s had, it’s good to see she’s gotten much better since then.

  4. What a bunch of A-Hole comments. I wonder how these wota would have liked “fans” chasing them around at that age. Twelve years old is just too young to make decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

  5. I feel bad for all the harsh comments. She was twelve, and we’re all aware of the fact each of the original 5 wanted to be soloists, viewing each other as competition. We’re all also aware that this took quite a few generations to go away, for the newer generations to actually be welcomed with a friendly attitude. That’s not healthy or an easy pill to swallow for anyone, much less a 12 year old.

    It’s easy to say “she got herself into it” “she chose her path” etc but it means absolutely nothing. No one is free of bad decisions. When I was 12, the scariest thing to me was how bad I was at math and how I had no friends in my math class. It’s also easy to say “it’s her fault she’s a single mother lol” but it’s never that simple, and I’m sure I’m not the only person raised by a single mom who knows that.

    I disagree with her that it was music/singing that led to her life being so miserable, I think it was her age & the soloist circumstance, but I think it’s fair for her to say that her passion for singing led to her joining the group and becoming famous so young.

    I feel for her and wish her the best.

  6. Some comments are really harsh, eh…

    I don’t judge her by her decisions in the 90s. The early MM was a battlefield, there was that soloist thing that Anonymous said, ect… And, if the bullying urban legend is true – and with some statements we had about this time, this might be true -, I wouldn’t blame her from quitting even if she was 24.

    But, come on. It’s been almost 20 years. I know that anxiety can fuck your life in every possible way, I have it. But how can she became so miserable like that AND blame music for it? If she’s miserable now, it’s her own fault. I mean, from her own statement, it sounded like she’s not even trying at all, really.

  7. ‘after she came back as a singer, she almost immediately announced she was pregnant and put her activities on hold. And then just after that, she set herself as her main priority and resumed her activities, even though her child’s still so young. The whole “my husband wouldn’t respect my wishes to pursue my dream — poor old me” thing just won’t earn you any fans.’

    That’s called being a bad mom and failure in life.

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