16 comments on “Things likely to happen if Maa-chan was James Bond

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  2. Maachan threads are always the best!

    Never knew about this blog before, and started a similar translation blog few days back. These hilarious fans definitely deserve more attention. Ganbatte ikimasshoi!

    • You bastard! You better not translate anything I wanna do! … Just kidding. :P What’s the URL of your blog though?

        • Cool stuff! No need to wait before translating if you mean to do it for my sake, I’ve never been much of a believer in translators “owning” their projects. Just do your thing. :) I tweeted about your site, hopefully more folks will find it.

          Good luck with your site!

          • Your tweet did bring a lot of visitors :) I’ll do my thing, thank you senpai!

  3. “My name is Sato, Masaki Sato. But you can call me Maachan~” :)

    Hopefully someday Up-Front realizes that Sato must be made into a secret agent. Well maybe she is already one, playing the nice goofy character but being a real terminator. Well maybe that’s more in the style of Kudo :)

  4. i’m thinking maachan as a evil villianess(sp?) who blows stuff up with aersol cans, and kuduu can be the bondboy who seduces her

  5. Much thanks to Henkka and the people over at “Wolves..” for the translations, they are priceless especially all Riho/Maachan ones!!

    I feel Maachan would have the most amazing (stupid/silly/ridiculous) secret disguises, like hanger face (shown above)! The villains would be so bemused they would give themselves up readily to Maa-chans cuteness!

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