17 comments on “Maa-chan: “I just really love the music of Tsunku♂.”

  1. I would love to see Maa producing their music or at least some of it. Right now, any of it would be nice. I want to see what she makes.

  2. I like number 7… “Seishun Kozou”, “Tokyo to Iu” and “Manner Mode” are my guilty pleasures. Nobody seems to like them.

  3. >I might not even be able to tell if it was written by him or not.

    I have a very simple method of telling if a song was written by Tsunku.
    1) If it sounds like a Tsunku song, it’s definitely not him.
    2) If it sounds like a song that no-one else would have written, is definitely him.

  4. I see Maachan as this little sister who looks very uninterested in most of the things, but when she puts her mind into something, she is enthusiastic and ambitious about her goals to an extent where you simply must actively support her.
    She is so honest and likeable, she will grow into a amazing person for sure.
    I’m sad if she really doesn’t have any friends within H!P members, hopefully that will change.
    Nevertheless, this girl will go places.

    Thank you Henkka for another awesome thread!

  5. In all seriousness, nobody is more destined to succeed Tsunku as the true H!P Producer than Maachan.. She gets his vision more so than any other idol to come through this agency… They both think and create on different wavelengths that others cant even comprehend.. A perfect world would have Maachan end up being producer after she graduates but knowing how petty Upfront is its highly unlikely

  6. Kanatomo : “I just really love Nakajima Takui-san…..’s music, haha… Oh my, today’s kinda hot isn’t it? Weather like this never fails to make our faces red and all that, you know? haha…”

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