16 comments on “Tsunku♂ has actually been offering Up-Front cheerful songs all this time, but they’re always turned down!

  1. I enjoyed those two ‘rejected’ songs more than most of H!P’s output in the last six months.

  2. Well Japanese talent agencies do have a tendency to be run by self obsessed clueless dimwits who aren’t above dragging their whole business down with them in some petty rivalry.

  3. The sad part is that some of Tsunku’s recent songs that weren’t rejected wer simply not that good, like Just Try and Sou Janai.

    I mean it’s okay that H!P isn’t 100% Tsunku anymore. But to make it 100% un-Tsunkuish is pretty boring.

  4. Maybe I’ll got a lot of “don’t like” thumbs, but… I’m cool-song type, so I like Cool Hello LOL …well, I like songs like Utakata too, it’s a cheering song but is fun and nice… I can’t stand childish cheering songs as most of the songs of another idols groups…

    Tsunku has “that thing”…it’s something that can make childish songs sounds great like S/mileage’s…they had childish cheering songs too, but with a great rithm and lyrics. I love it!

    Tsunku’s not traditional idol rithms, bring me here! I love H!P cool songs then and now. By the way, It would be fresh to have more cheerings songs (Insist a lot of time with cool songs is tired) …but not like that anime song *itch*

    **sorry about my english :v

  5. I kind of feel like crying now… This is the guy who created H!P from nothing into the major Idol label it is now and they just try to erase his presence from the organization completely… It his songs that created the fanbase so they should at least take a few songs he gives out so the OG fans can have that nostalgic feeling of “Ahhh this is a song that can only be written by Tsunku” feeling… But like others have said, his music has no place in this Cool Hello era of H!P, the agency is fully against the nonsensical cute songs of the past

  6. I really like Tsunku, not only as an artist, but as this awesome guy we all admire, on the other hand, I don’t mind the fact that he’s not writing songs for H!P anymore. Hello!Project will always carry his legacy, and that’s enough. But I’d be lying if I said that I don’t miss songs like Momoiro Sparkling or Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai – these are stuff that only Tsunku could ever write.

  7. What a shitty office, really…

    Going by a single listen, the Idol Jihen OP is quite anisong-like and I might have missed the Tsukuness. The ED is very obvious though.

    >43 ;___;
    >50 Speaks the truth.
    >92 Has a point, but it’s Tsunku we’re talking about so… if there were cheerful yet bad songs in those “batches”, it’d probably be only one out of (whatever number of cheerful songs he’s offered them).

    Aaah, this is so sad! I mean, I’ve liked most of the songs non-Tsunku stuff H!P has released so far, but I also miss those cheerful songs! They’re like a breathe of fresh air. Uruwashi no Camellia was so cuuuute and nice (though it is a non-Tsunku song), it made me realize H!P needs more of those songs nowadays.

  9. “He contributes so much material, and yet, only about four of those many songs of his are released as singles each year.”

    Well that’s a BIT of exaggeration. He’s still the most prolific single H!P songwriter. Looking at the combined full years of 2015 and 2016, and ignoring things like cover versions of old songs, I see 2 album songs, 20 A-sides (split among 12 singles), and one originally released as a digital single.

  10. Of course the direction of the H!P is very dynamic. I can see since Colorful Era, Cool-Hello is the direction of H!P. Tend to produce more “Cool” songs rather than “Cheer” songs.

    I have to say, Tsunku-san is better this way, he produce some good songs (like Utakata, Jealousy-Jealousy) rather than produce all songs like in Platinum days.

  11. Tsunku is/was the soul of H!P, and it’s dumb try to deny that, serious. But, aside of this, it’s not that the recent songs are bad, and some variety in the songwriting is a good thing, but every damn single they’re releasing now are starting to get previsible in an annoying way. Also, the lack of B-sides and albums are really getting me on the nerves.

  12. Henkka, I don’t see you doing requests often so if you don’t you’re free to ignore this – I just heard from other fans that there’s a lot going on in 2ch right now about a fan harassing Airi about her cleaning habits “down there” at a handshake event. Apparently Airi gave him a pretty straight response, and now fans are blasting Airi for being “lewd” among other things? My Japanese isn’t very great so I can’t get a lot of it on my own, figured it may be something you may have an interest in translating (or at least checking out to see if it’s worth doing so)? Maybe other fans would be interested in the story? Not sure whether the fan was making it up or not, which could be a possibility. Just a suggestion. :)

    In regards to this post, I miss Tsunku’s songs and his sound… his songs are really fantastic, almost if not all the songs he’s had go through for H!P since he stepped down I’ve enjoyed… Hopefully if fans complain enough we’ll see him return? I definitely don’t think he left because he really wanted to – I think it was a little more than “suggested” to him.

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