18 comments on “Have you guys ever smelled H!P members?

  1. One of my reoccurring jokes is when someone asks me who my favorite idol is. I first ask who their favorite idol is (let’s say the pick Katsuta Rina). I then answer that I rate all H!P idols as number one … except for Katsuta Rina who is number two because she smells funny.

    With this thread I am now wondering if there are H!P idols who smell funny in real life.

  2. Lol , I cant say that I ever have… Even though I went to the NYC Morning Musume concert I couldnt get the handshake tickets and was too far from the stage to get a whiff lol… I could imagine that Sayu probably smells the best of all H!P members ever, it just fits her image

  3. Musuu sweat actually smells like milk.

    and it’s actually a secret rejuvenation potion

  4. Why is life so unfair that I will literally never be able to smell Airi or Momo or Miya’s personal stench?

  5. It’s like times I’ve heard members talking about how nice it is working with a bunch of women, because of stuff like their smell.

    I might pick up one of those marked down 13 dollar perfumes at the store, I wanna smell good too…

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