19 comments on “Have you guys ever smelled H!P members?

    • I was fifth in line at a handshake event for JJ. After we went through, the girl that was first in line started commenting about how nice her hand smelled because of the girls. I wouldn’t have ever thought of it if it hadn’t been for that girl. It was maybe my 4th or 5th handshake event. It hadn’t ever popped into my head. My hand did smell nice though

  1. One of my reoccurring jokes is when someone asks me who my favorite idol is. I first ask who their favorite idol is (let’s say the pick Katsuta Rina). I then answer that I rate all H!P idols as number one … except for Katsuta Rina who is number two because she smells funny.

    With this thread I am now wondering if there are H!P idols who smell funny in real life.

  2. Lol , I cant say that I ever have… Even though I went to the NYC Morning Musume concert I couldnt get the handshake tickets and was too far from the stage to get a whiff lol… I could imagine that Sayu probably smells the best of all H!P members ever, it just fits her image

  3. Musuu sweat actually smells like milk.

    and it’s actually a secret rejuvenation potion

  4. Why is life so unfair that I will literally never be able to smell Airi or Momo or Miya’s personal stench?

  5. It’s like times I’ve heard members talking about how nice it is working with a bunch of women, because of stuff like their smell.

    I might pick up one of those marked down 13 dollar perfumes at the store, I wanna smell good too…

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