22 comments on “Miyamoto Karin: “The fans are all my boyfriends!”

    • She is still 17 (18 by December this year). Some countries 17 is already considered as adult. Dating her in these countries is completely legal :P

      • No – just because it’s a non-western country doesn’t mean that’s true. Age of adulthood is 18 technically, but 20 is when you’re socially considered an adult (can drink/smoke/etc). But Karin is currently a minor.

        • No – just because western countries norm doesn’t mean that’s true for the entire world. Don’t put your sense of what’s acceptable to the rest of the world.

          Plus even in Europe the age of marriage in Europe is around 16 with consent and with parental consent the age of marriage can be as low as 15 in USA

    • Just don’t tell them that you’ve been a fan since she was still an Egg. No amount of explaining will be able to save you then. XD

    • It’s basically “Wooooooooo!!”

      Nearly every “wooooo!” you hear in an H!P song is actually written as “fuuuuu!” btw @_@

  1. right now I imagine the look of those girl’s faces who were there with their boyfriends… XD and the awkward talk after the concert… “YOU FUU’ED, TOO!”

  2. that karin-chan gif… is she mimicking she’s riding on a dick?

    I’m not dissing, I just thought that looked like some pedo-fapping material, I hope it isn’t

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