12 comments on “Sayashi Riho: “I’m afraid I might fall asleep in the bath so I just bathe with the window open!”

  1. Riho seems to be talking so many perverted things there, that I think she doesn’t mind if anyone is watching her.

  2. ” They were sharing a hotel room during a tour or some event.
    Apparently Rihoriho jumped out of the bath and screamed “baaaahh!!” at her. (laughs) ”

    And they look a lot more closer since, no ?

  3. If Sayu really reads 2ch, I hope she sees this thread.
    Fukuchan would probably see it too.

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  5. These people disgust me. They’re so creepy. They need a Japanese Chris Hanson to do “To Catch A Predator”

    • Ah, I guess I never left a translator’s note for that. Ookami is the name of the H!P board on 2ch.

      I should write a short glossary on common 2ch terminology sometime…

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