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  1. There will be world peace if they just send Sayumi to do the “Usachan Peace” post in middle east.

      • (Re: the 7/3 upvote/downvote score.) Looks like three out of ten WiT readers are red-pilled. Not bad.

  2. It’s amazing how she has barely changed at all, and she manages to look even cuter haha.

  3. I first saw her live at her debut concert back in 2003. I’m an old man now and she… hey what the hell happened.

  4. So she said she didn’t get a boyfriend. But she didn’t say that she didn’t touch inappropriately lots of young girls.

    (Let’s try to imagine the briefing from the Yamaguchi Police Department: “Overall, crime is down throughout the Prefecture, with the exception of a surge in sexual assaults on prepubescent girls in Ube City for the years 2015-2016. We are currently investigating.”)


  6. Really surprised to see how youthful she is.
    As a true fan I think it’s wasteful if Sayu never reproduce


    299: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/03/17(金) 12:34:15.68 0.net
    The “6th gen never age” legend continues.

    Seriously the 6th gen looks the exact same as they did 10 years ago, still as pretty as back then if not more… Reina especially might look that way till she’s 50 and beyond

    Sayu: I didn’t have a boyfriend!
    Sanma: Oh, come on. Be real. Someone of your caliber…
    Sayu: Someone of “my caliber“? Is that a compliment I’m hearing?!

    LMAO… Even Sanma san respects the worlds cutest now… she hasnt been able to use her im the cutest gag in years because it actually became true

  8. Haha, Ishida knows… I’m sorry, I love Morning Musume, but no one in the current lineup can hold a candle to the legendary Michishige Sayumi as of yet.

    Also, she truly is the idols for idols… she sung about love for most of her life and yet doesn’t know how to find it… Sounds like a PE Tsunku song waiting to happen.

  9. Dear lord I’m just so happy!!!!! her legend continues, gah I just love her so much!!!! Chayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  10. That actually make me sad for her. As someone above said, to have spent almost her whole life singing songs about love but not knowing anything about it at all… Not knowing how to fall in love… That’s seriously sad.

    Maybe Sayu hasn’t felt that way because she’s not into guys? Like honestly, maybe Sayu IS gay.

    • She didn’t really have much of a childhood/teenage years either

      So her relaxing (or re-learning to) and not really trying to find a lover also makes sense, regardless of her sexuality

      (tho I didn’t take her too too serious about not knowing how to fall in love, as that’s generally not something folk without prior romantic experience understand … which hints that she had no lover whilst in Momusu)

  11. Be still, my heart! … ….. ………

    キタ━━━━━━(゜∀゜)━━━━━━\ !!!!!\


    • Wait, what’s up with my avatar?

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the threads!

      And in any case, those pictures are amazing. No. That’s not the right word, but I have no clue what would fit.

      I was wondering what would happen to my interest in idols once Momochi graduates. Thought I would go slow and casual. Then again, I was just some wandering spirit anyway. And… Now this…

      Sorry, I’m rambling. And Chayu is definitely the number one Chayu. She is extremely Chayu.

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