6 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE/ALBUM BOOK Interviews: Hirata Shoichiro

  1. the first thing that came to my mind when I read “portamento” was the beginning of seishun kozou ga naiteiru ^^ as a songwriter and musician I really appreciate his work… at first I didn’t like pyoko pyoko ultra… but now I love this song! it’s so unique and interesting… a lot of other songs didn’t need so much time to grow on me… what’s up ai wa dou na no yo and asian celebration are two of my most favorite songs of all time!

    I really like how all the H!P songs are special in a very unique way… some have polyrhythm, weird dubstep elements, portamento and glissando parts, very heavy syncopations or multiple key changes… this is the reason why I love all the H!P songs although I don’t like “pop music” in general… for me H!P isn’t pop… it’s more than just popular music! it’s EDM, Dubstep, Ska, Raggae, Rock, Classic, HipHop… every possible genre in one combined… even Metal… not convinced? listen to “desugita kui wa utarenai” by Anger Me and tell me it’s not Metal…

    btw: “Well, I have to agree: it kind of is insane.” <– agreed² XD

  2. Another fascinating interview!! Thanks for sharing, it must have taken a while to translate a long one like this.

  3. Thanks so much for translating these chapters. Although I’m not a musician, I can talk endlessly about arranges and Hello! Project really has introduced me to that. As a foreigner with limited knowledge of Japanese, the arranges and music is something I can relate more to because it’s auniversal language. For instance, I immediately check the instrumentals when singles are released.

    Reading these chapters really makes me want to produce my own music and discover more and more…

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