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  1. Audition and early 9th gen Norks was great fun though. Not entirely sure what’s happened to her but I hope she gets insane again. It’s no fun otherwise.

    • Hear hear. She was a blast for a while but quite frankly she bores me now ever since she put a lid on her insanity. Definitely hoping she makes a return to that craziness soon.

      • Zukki was my oshi while she was crazy, but then she became serious, gained weight, and started trying to be sexy. For some time I turned to Eripon, but she annoys me sometimes. Then Maa-chan came, and her insanity and cuteness were greater than Zukki’s… lol

        But I had no idea there were pictures of Zukki on news sites just because she’s a little overweight… That’s not nice. =/

        • Yeah. My silly theory is that Maa-chan sort of took over Zukki’s role of batshit crazy leaving Zukki with… not very much, personality-wise.

        • Oh wow. Crazy coincidence (and yes I know that I’m slow as hell only watching this now), but I was just watching this… man, I’ve no idea when I last even saw a glimpse of her flashing that smile. It’s so good to see that again though.

  2. I’m not new I guess, a fan of Momusu since 2005. Kamei Eri is and will always be my favorite idol. My interest for Momusu did wane a bit after EJL graduated, 9th Gen didn’t interest me at all.

    I was bored and saw Kurobara, exactly the same as #452. Kuduu made me interested in Momusu again and as a fan of Eri, I’m glad Kuduu got the color orange. :D

    Also, LOL at all the fat Zukki pics comments. I see her as Yossie/Ogawa during the old days. Girls are going to have weight issues every now and then, as long as she’s healthy it’s going to be fine. Anyone care to link me up to some fat Zukki images? I’m kinda intrigue what 2ch is talking about.

    • Yeah. She does remind me of Ogawa a bit, too. I don’t mind her not being as skinny as the others in the group, I just wish she’d somehow regain that craziness she had back when 9th gen had just joined. You know, fucked up impressions of insects and all that. It feels to me like she’s somehow holding back.

      There was probably quite a number of threads about Zukki back then. Here’s one.

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  4. Sure Momusu gained more haters (?) but they gained more new fans too so its alright.
    thanks for translating this =)

  5. Your blog has gotten VERY popular!! A fan since 2006, I listened to Sakura Mankai because someone on Sims 2 Scribblers Abode had the group as a siggy.

    11 makes a good point!

    • Sorry, no plans to translate Momoclo threads at the moment. Although if anyone reading this wants to give it a try, leave a message. :)

      • You know I’d do Momoclo threads if you gave me a link to TL from :P I still can’t get used to browsing 2ch so the blog archives are all I can deal with. But I never find the effort to find where exactly Momoclo’s 2ch archive is.

        Also, where’s Sag gone? Ain’t seen an AKB post in ages.

        • Just like H!P and AKB, Momoclo is sure to have loads and loads of sites that gather the highlights from 2ch. The keyword you’re looking for is “まとめ”. Here’s the first five search results from Google:


          The trick is finding one (or several) among them that mostly posts stuff that you care about enough to translate. Ohatsuu is a great fit for me as he seems to pick a lot of stuff I also like, but even with Ohatsuu I probably only do 1 in every 10 threads he picks… but the thing is, he only posts about 1 to 3 threads per day — it’s a lot harder to find something you like from a site that posts 50 threads per day, versus a site that posts 3 threads per day.

          See if you can find a まとめ of your liking, maybe try translating a thread or two to see if you’re up to it, and throw me a message on Skype or something if you feel like giving it a shot.

  6. Saw JKM on youtube, been a Rika and Eri fan ever since…currently fan of Eripon and Maachan in the group

  7. I guess you can call me a very new fan, only been following about 2 or 3 months now. One day somehow started watching the haromoni@ videos on youtube subbed and was hooked by them, thought they were cute and funny… then got around to watching the videos and got hooked. My faves are definitely the 6th gen, with Kamei winning by a small margin.

  8. Poor Zukki :(
    I dont think shes fat ! ^^
    Anyway i love this page and i think its a great Idea to sub the thoughts of the fans!
    Thanks thanks thaanks <3 Keep on with the great work

  9. I was looking up top new Jpop songs and found a Scandal song, Brainstorming, and Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita. I liked the later two more and I saw the PV for both on YT. I did research on the groups and found out they both belong to H!P so then I got hooked on all five units (I discovered this a month after J=J indie debut).

  10. I got Momusu because of S/mileage and I got to S/mileage because of MAMI from SCANDAL

    Mami is such a good girl. Showing me her girl groups n shtt

  11. I was looking up color-coded K-pop lyrics and saw a link to Wakuteka Take a Chance on the side.
    Watched it, immediately hated it.
    Looked up the song again multiple times after a couple of days.
    Got distracted by Sayu’s cuteness and beauty. Had to find out who she was.
    I assumed she was the youngest until I looked at the H!P wiki page.

    Everything is Michishige’s fault.
    She’s too fucking adorable.

    I also remember that this happened four days before they announced Reina’s graduation.

  12. Three or four years ago I was messing around on YouTube, I came across hello morning english lesson (Eri’s “refrigeeta”). Though it was hilarious. I’ve been hooked ever since.

  13. I found out about MM early this year. I was bored and was looking for a song to listen to in the YouTube Music site and as I was searching , I realized there were a lot of KPop and wondered what JPop sounds like. I searched…

    “Famous/Popular singers in Japan”?
    “Famous/Popular JPop singers”?(I forgot what I searched)

    … and one of the suggestions in the “frequently mentioned on the web” had MM and the picture of the girls had me intrigued. I searched them on YouTube and listened to my first MM song ever:

    Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai

    First impressions was so-so, but it got me intrigued and I got hooked after watching
    One Two Three. Now I am a fan of all 5 groups and can’t wait for the future.

  14. I started listen to X-Japan in 1994, which have made me follow J showbiz since. I recognized MM through Utaban and Downtown, but I had never been interested in listen to them until late 2003, when I first discovered the subgroup XYZ and had been hooked to the H!P KIDS.

    • and soon after, I found “Aa~” which nailed it with chibi Airi & Miyabi. Reina was in the group to introduce me to Legendary 6 gen.

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