36 comments on “Let’s come up with original H!P member goods

  1. Yaguchi’s single use bed sheets
    Yasuda Halloween mask
    Kago Ai’s cigarette lighter
    Nakazawa’s S&M whip and latex dress

    Be careful not to gulp that Kumai coffee down too quickly, it looks really hot!

    • You forgot

      Takahashi Ai ‘s English clothing line featuring limited edition Whore t-shirt
      Kusumi Koharu’s guide to use MM as stepping stone
      Michishige Sayumi’s Age detector

      • “Kusumi Koharu’s guide to use MM as stepping stone”

        Close enough to reality. She wrote a book called 17歳の転職, which translates to something like “17-year-old’s Career Change”.

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  3. Maasa’s bench press equipment
    Nakajima’s fish food
    Iikubo’s chocolate infused mead (wine made from fermented honey and chocolate)

  4. Ikuta’s x-ray contact lenses.
    Tagline : “See through clothes!”

    Iikubo’s honey pot.
    Tagline : “Lick that sweet, sweet honey!”

    Fukumura’s drum kit.
    Tagline : “You’ll bang on it all day and all night and keep the neighbors awake!”

    Tomoko’s movie about Miyamoto.
    Tagline : “It’s a great flick!”

    Okai’s razor.
    Tagline : “For that C-ute fan who just loves Chayu too!”

    Ishida lottery.
    Tagline : “Luck is on your side today!”

    Duu’s fake edible doodoo.
    Tagline : “Show your friends just how much you love your oshimen!”

    • Fukumura’s drum kit: her fat pussy which I will pound all day and night and keep the neighbours wide awake

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