19 comments on “Tanaka Reina kicks a man for groping her on the train (+2)

  1. HAHAHA. No.
    it made me laugh how all those answers fitted random questions xD konno’s had me laughing everytime

    thanks for the translations always :D

  2. Reina and Gakisan are getting along really well in that vid. I thought those two hated each other before, was that a false rumor? (Reina and Niggaki hating each other)

  3. Reina: “Fuck you!!”
    *roundhouse kicks me*

    Me: *quickly ducks and gropes her boobs really hard*

    Reina: *squeals* “ouch… ah.. ouch” *stumbles down*

    Me: *immediately let go of her* “I am so sorry, someone just pushed me from behind, did you get hurt somewhere…. so sorry”

    Reina: *absolutely furious* *lost for words, embarrassed, just stares at me with rage*

    Me: *tries to pull her up* “I am so sorry again, you alright?”

    Reina: *snarls* “don’t you touch me” “don’t come at me”

    Me:*looks sympathetic and pulls back*

    When the stop arrives, and when she is just about to get down, I give her a well placed kick up her butt… and grins mischievously at her and disappear in the crowd before she could gather herself…

      • what are you saying? the prospect of getting to kick Reina’s butt is an extreme turn on…. just to see her expression, I would really risk it…

    • /yawn

      I have to wonder if you’re even trying anymore LOL

      Looks like the steady stream of downvoting has affected your game =P

  4. A Maa-chan and a Reina thread in one day? You have made my week, Henkka. (No, I don’t have much going on)

  5. Having brought up as a Catholic, I wonder if Reina is truly one. Though her being Yankee fashioned makes me doubt it.

  6. 9: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/07/29(火) 13:11:17.01 0.net
    Reina looks like her bones are really, really weak though.

    Maybe the platinum era reina would have really brittle bones and break her leg attempting a roundhouse but this 2014 Reina is quite a bit bigger and healthier than the old school version so i think a roundhouse would actually do some damage since shes no longer starving herself

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  8. Am I really the only one shocked that Reina was dreaming about being groped?! Dafuq. We all know that Reina’s a real softy, so it’s nice to see that she dreams about being strong! Keep dreaming Reina <3!

  9. Just an after-thought, but I would not want to be the person who gropes Reina when Maa-chan is with her. The situation would probably go something like this.

    Wota: **Gropes Reina**
    Reina: HENTAI!!!
    Wota: Ah, ah, i’m sorry.
    Maa-chan: Tanasa-tan, are you okay?, did he hurt you?
    Wota: Ah, ah, i’m sorry, my hand slipped.
    Reina: No, no, i’m okay. **>To Masaki**
    Wota: No no, my hand slipped…
    Maa-chan: **Stares down the wota until he feels uncomfortable**
    Reina: Let’s go.
    Maa-chan: **Still staring down the wota until he walks away.**
    Reina: Lets go!
    Maa-chan: Ok! <3, can we get some ice cream?

  10. It should be no surprise that Reina dreams of beating hentai guys up. Reina is such a bad ass character that they named a Womens Wrestling promotion after her in Japan.

  11. LOL as if anyone in the right mind would try to mess with Reina…especially if they knew who she was!

    And Henkka, I’m gonna need a mop to clean up that flood of sarcasm you just unleashed…^_^

  12. : ) I’d rather live in a world where girls just laugh and tell you to cut it out, and If you do cut it out, it’s all good. : )

  13. surprisingly Reina was in same generation with Mikitty.. Both have strong personalities (yankee). And i think Gaki-san was a persistent-strong personalities too (but softer one), i hardly saw Gaki-Reina/Mikitty moments (maybe just a few). Mostly Reina with Sayu/Eri, and Gaki with Ai-chan..

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