32 comments on “Kenshuusei Sasaki Rikako (13) is insanely beautiful

  1. “She’s already on a level where there’s no doubt that she’s going to debut.”
    I’d agree if it wasn’t Hello! Project. With UFA/Tsunku/whoever makes decisions there you never know.

    • What? Her nose is completely normal. Her ears are a bit big, but I find that extremely cute. (Maybe I’m biased because Haruna is my oshi…)

    • I love dumbo ears, you insensitive clod!
      I guess I just don’t like the sort of mathematical approach to beauty (symmetry, average proportions).

  2. Her idol aura is massive, by far my favorite among the current Kenshuusei… She’s my pick for 12th gen Morning Musume audition winner as she is incredibly beautiful, a monster dancer who would have no problem keeping up, and she’s naturally goofy and would def add more variety/comedy skills to back up girls like the Suberi’s, Maa-chan and Oda…. They’re right when they say you can notice her even when she’s dancing backup on Hello Pro Group concerts, thats a good quality to have

    Its not a question of if she’s going to debut, more like when and for what group… She’s been paired off with Tanabe Nanami (my former favorite and now 2nd favorite) quite often lately as they often have the same offers and activities given to them by the office so i think they will debut together… More realistically i think they will get their own group like Juice-Juice with a couple other members, but I would be happier if they both passed the 12th gen auditions

  3. That gif at 233 was by far the best moment for me in last weeks H!P station lol, im just glad somebody noticed the same thing i did when watching it…. That face she made when they were smelling her and the little snort she did was just cuteness overload, heart attack inducing cuteness

  4. I don’t follow the KSS at all and Rikako instantly stood out to me whenever she’s appeared as a back-up dancer or whatever. Her idol aura is undeniable and pretty much universally acknowledged. Fans on both sides of the world really want her in MM! It’s pretty incredible.

    And she totally is a mini Mizuhara Kiko. And that can only be a plus for MM.

  5. Nanami and Murota I can see moving forward. Even Kaga, but Rikako…I just can’t see it. She doesn’t have a H!P feeling to her, at least in pics. I haven’t seen her in any videos or anything. Based on just pics, I feel she’s definitely idol quality. Just for a different idol group.

  6. 11: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2014/05/18(日)18:22:32 ID:???
    She’s someone who I could even forgive giving Sayu’s pink member color to.
    as a Sayu wota i agree :D this girls is reaaaaally pretty and eyecatching!

  7. I feel that she’s just normal, not “insanely beautiful”, but yeah, she’s cute as well. I guess I prefer other kind of faces.

  8. I thought this thread would be ironic. But not at all! lol
    This girl is “average” at best, to me…

  9. Maybe they will put her with S/Mileage as part of a S/Mileage gen 3? That group kind of needs a looks upgrade.

    • I hope that Tsunku-san add her to MM, MM also need more cute girls after Sayu graduate. Maybe S/m will add more from Kenshuusei (i think current line-up is enough with cute girls, Ayacho is cute, Nyon-san become cuter, and Rinapu/Bakuwara also cute)

      • If you throw enough fish heads at a wall one of them is bound to stick.

        (I’ve made enough predictions that have not come true prove that I cannot read the future.)

  10. Whoa lots of hate (or jealousy?) in this group for a Kenshuusei.

    I have a lot of respect for this girl. Were it not for the earthquake in 2011, her father wouldn’t have had made her enter in SCK Girls where she started as a volunteer idol in Kesennuma. Were it not for the fact that she got into Hello Project and that it seems that Tsunku personally scouted her and that she’s getting a lot of magazine offers, she would still be this quiet, unknown girl from Kesennuma.

    And sure, hit her because she’s half, but what everyone can’t deny is that she is beautiful and firmly footed in the ground. All the best for Rikako.

  11. Awwww Henkka you don’t look like a homelessconvicted sex offender…that beard and moustache you have makes you attractive in your own right ;P

  12. Technically, she’s not a halfie, her mother is (you do the math).

    The KSS is bursting with girls on the verge of debuting, I see her in a new group (that we were promised before Tsunku went off to fight his cancer). My choices are Rikako, Hamachan, Ruru and Manakan. With these four you have the girl with the idol aura, the girl with more cuteness than the law should allow, the singer and the dancer. There could be more but I’m not very knowledgable about the KSS members over all.

  13. Glad she got put in Angerme. They’re definitely the talented ones right now. Just hope 4th gen doesn’t ruin it. H!P is notorious for doing things that make absolutely no sense

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