14 comments on “Okai tries to approach fans at event; snaps at security who stop her (+1)

    • It’s about Michishige being asked “who’s the one member you don’t want breaking your record of longest-serving member?” She said Oda because she originally auditioned for S/mileage, implying that her love towards Morning Musume might’ve been lacking. It was spoken at an event in front of fans all in good fun to draw laughs while playing into her poison tongue character.

      In other words, it’s nothing to take seriously.

  1. I would love to get drunk with Okai, seems like she would be the funnest of the C-ute bunch to drink heavily with… only negative aspect would probably be her drunken rambling about how much she loves Miya and how she wishes she could be Maimi just once in a physical competion lol

  2. I wonder if Iikubo Haruna will have chocolate infused mead as her first drink when she turns 20 in November?

  3. 34: 名無し募集中。。。 2014/06/22(日) 00:41:12.56 0.net
    I want to shower Nacky with champagne.

    you are beating my imagination!

  4. #451 Chisa’s got guts lol On a serious note though I can understand where the staff are coming from. There’s a reason the new security measures were put into place. On the other hand it’s really nice when idols want to interact with their fans :)

    Happy Birthday to the lovely Chisa!!! <3 Champagne huh? Only now allowed to drink alcohol and you start off with the heavy stuff? XD

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  6. Nothing ever happens on bus tours because the other wota would beat the crap out of the offender.

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