Tsunku♂ “Dakara, Ikiru”



“When faced with unforeseen circumstances…
What are the things one must give up?
What are the choices one has to make?”

“Dakara, Ikiru” (2015) deals with the subject of Tsunku♂’s battle with laryngeal cancer and the subsequent removal of his vocal cords.

In it, he talks in depth about the painful journey towards the eventual, total loss of his voice, about his family who supported him through it, the ups and downs of his career as a singer, his thoughts as a producer, and his new life without a voice that he has only just embarked on. He writes about all of the above and more in a completely honest manner with no embellishment.

In summary, it’s a book about one man’s way of life.


Note: If you like the book, do consider buying it.

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  2. Thank you for the translation. I really am considering buying the book.

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