5 comments on “Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Goto Maki

  1. I feel bad they were so strict on her when she was just a kid. i get it’s show business, but like she said they should have just explained things to her

  2. The odds were really stacked against Goto when she joined. Morning Musume’s debut journey and Suzuki Ami’s home life being recorded made the public crave more relatable footage of idols so they basically filmed Goto 24/7. They made her take a home video camera home and record herself practicing. When she was bawling like a baby after her debut performance to the point she was shaking and hiccuping they secretly recorded her. Tabloids took photos of her walking to school only weeks after ASAYAN aired her audition. Another thing is how cold the group received her. Sure, it was the shock and the first time in history an actual *child* joined an established group but 1st gen was icy. Ichii and Yaguchi warmed up to her though, which helped.

    An audio leak of the rehearsal before Goto’s graduation concert came out ages ago and you can literally hear Tsunku directing to the point of minute details. When she was told she was graduating she was told (and told her fans) that she was going to become a cool artist and people expected Amuro Namie post-Super Monkeys so I am glad she addressed the shock of her first single after graduation lol.

  3. This woman is the reason Morning Musume didn’t die back then. Her joining the group gave it a new atmosphere and helped it become what we know of Momusu today. She’s amazing.

  4. I feel sad after reading this interview. The way she was pushed and forced to do things she didn’t like, the controlling environment she was in, it just sounds like an awful place to spend your teen years. I have conflicted feelings towards the management and the way they handle things. Also it makes me wonder if all those ‘smiles’ were fake… When she talked about ‘Te wo Nigitte’ it made me wonder if that’s the reason why Aibon ended up the way she did…

  5. Happy 34th birthday to Maki, hope it’s a good one. One of the greatest. I really like her “cool” character besides her looks, sense of humour and performance so I’m relieved she did not dislike it since there were lot of misunderstandings too(many get that impression after all). No wonder she had numerous clashes with the others. She sounds untameable by nature having that indomitable spirit believing in her way of doing things.

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