13 comments on “What’s so great about Kaga Kaede anyway?

  1. All the comment were so touching, then there is someone like #50.

    It is quite strange that girl with personality like her become idol. But I think she doing pretty well in Momusu.

    • yossie is more like a easy going man, kaede is like a boy… kaede will never replace yossie… as yossie fan i can’t approve her boyish nature…

      • No one will every replace Yossie, but Kaede does have many on the attributes that Yossie had (the swordplay, the being a bad ass, and the tall with short hair thing).

  2. What I love of her is that she’s an open book.

    When she dislikes something, her face don’t lie.
    When she’s happy, her whole body reacts!
    It’s like a lil boy, pure and without filters.

    You know who her feel confident with because she’ll (playfully) fight or show a cute smile that you don’t see often (it’s not like her regular smile or laugh)
    and she is quite shy with those who she respects and barely knows.

    Even so, she’s a reliable, hardworking and capable person.
    who looks cute, beautiful and cool all at the same time!
    (Even if she stumbles all the time) lololol

    *now I feel like a kimo* :( lol

  3. I don’t like anything about her, of course i don’t hate her but nothing about her makes me like her, she is pretty boring to me.

  4. Kaede is just cool. Her demeanor, the way she talks about what she likes, the sword play/kendo, how she can seem both cute and powerful depending on the situation/setting. I love it when she has little charisma-filled moments on stage; a gesture, a look, the way she does a particular dance move. Often I don’t think she realizes it’s happening, not yet, but you can see the potential for her to control it in the future.

  5. Looks-wise Kaedii is a hunk. Personality-wise she’s honest and endearing.

    She’s wonderful.

  6. She’s tough, I don’t doubt that for a second. But she’s got this air of vulnerability and sensitivity that is most endearing.

  7. I just saw her at the New York concert and she is just gorgeous. My eyes kept coming back to her. At the meet and greet her hand was soft and gave me a nice smile. She is taller than I thought.

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