4 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE ALBUM BOOK Roundtables: Oomori Seiko × Usuta Kyosuke × Tsurugi Mikito

  1. “Namidacchi” never did anything for me when listening to it on the album, but when they do it live you just always end up crying no matter what, right? So I do see your point.

    Exactly!!! Namidacchi is probably the best live song ever in Mornig Musume’s arsenal but when i listen to it off the album i like it but its nothing crazy special.. Seems like they try sooo much harder and get more passionate with this song when its done live in a concert.. 2010’s Pika Pika Haru concert ended with Namidacchi aftter a crazy hyped up How Do You Like This Japan and it is still to this day my favorite performance and concert ever

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