28 comments on “Is it just me or is there too much on-stage kissing going on recently?

  1. It’s obvious nothing lewd is going on in that Rikako gif. She’s still covering her most erotic part.
    …Yes, that’s correct. Her right ear.

  2. The thing is, most of the time it’s just a quick peck in the cheek solely for fanservice purpose. But when it comes to Sayu kissing other girls, there’s definitely lust involved.

  3. A lot of this pictures are pretty gay. The one with Fukumura on her knees with a chain around her neck gets me going though!

  4. As a idol coupling wota myself, I have the opposite view. I think that management thinks that idols kissing each other onstage and other such carrying on is good for business and provides fan service, but, they would never allow two girls who were a couple in real life to do that. Girls who are real couples need to hide this from the fans or else the fans will become disillusioned and think that the idols do not care about them but only care about each other.

  5. your pictures are awesome, Henkka XD indeed “oh, wait…”

    I’ve never thought about it that much… Maa-chan often kisses Sakura on the cheek on stage and off stage… it’s harmless and kinda cute… Sayu on the other hand was a different story… she always gave the vibe that she really enjoyed the thrill ^^ but even the Sayu-Ai kiss was pretty much harmless… but it felt special… just like the Sayu-Riho kiss… maybe because Sayu was special… seeing her kissing someone makes everyones heart skip a beat…

  6. Honestly I don’t mind. The only one that I minded was Sayu kissing Riho in her last concert because… it was weird. Sayu was so much older than Riho, and they were in a strict senpai-kohai relation. But well.

  7. Ok Henkka did you have to search for those pics/Gifs or did you already have them saved in a folder?? Not judging just curious, hmm._.

    • Hey, as long as you’re not judging!

      When I first started this site, probably a month or two into it, I started keeping a folder of H!P pics. I’d save anything I saw on 2ch that I figured I might at one point use as the opening picture of a post. Right now the folder has 800+ pics (I delete everything I’ve posted once.) Most of it really is innocent — pictures of Maeda Yuuka in a huge pumpkin costume, Uozumi Yuki posing with Marty Friedman, Tanaka Reina laying on the floor with a cat on her back, Kudo Haruka eating an omelet, that sort of thing. But there are a couple of more questionable pictures as well, like the ones I posted above. Here, have one more.

      • That’s from Minna Esper, right? Panties are probably the least questionable things there. . Especially after you saw the “Gentle anal sex” scene. *shudders*

        • That show made everybody forget that Mano-chan used to be an idol. That was a bold (and successful) career move.

          • And how. Meanwhile, I still haven’t found a properly subbed version of the SP episode.

      • Cool, makes sense for you to delete it. Actually I have a folder with similar contents myself. I don’t run a website like you so the folder just keeps increasing in size. I’ll just add these pics to my collection… Don’t judge!

  8. It must be a very Japanese thing people minding friends kissing each other. Around middle school there was this phase were every girl kissed each other on the lips as a greeting each day we met and when we would seperate again. It was somehow proof of how few we would mind being close to each other I guess. And these girls are so close to each other sharing hotel rooms and sometimes even the same bed I bet some of them just feel like they are family. And I’m calling it now: kissing is not as intimate as bathing together so… (Meimei and her father, Take-chan and her brother…)

  9. Personally, I wouldn’t mind the kissing. What would make it even better is if I get to kiss Mizuki Fukumura’s breasts and all over Akari Uemura’s body on stage. Imagine that…breast-kissing your idols instead of hand-shake events. Who’s with me?

  10. Where are the top 3 and the C-ute ones from? I can read “KURUME GEILS” on the C-ute one, but that doesn’t seem to be much to go on.

    Thank you.

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