20 comments on “Do you ever talk to your pictures of H!P members? (+4)

  1. i would be a pet. i might die within 10yrs, but showered with all the love and care. i could even have offsprings that they’ll give to other members and be loved as much as i had

  2. I occasionally talk to Kamei on my google chrome homepage background, i always make sure to tell her good morning and see you later when i leave for work

  3. Since i consider myself somewhat of a thrill seeker and daredevil i would wanna be Riho’s pet lizard… I wanna see if i can do the impossible and survive living with a real life Shinigami (Death God) That girl is notorious for killing everything she has ever owned but i think i can make it past a year at least

  4. Those Yukichis look so fresh and… I stopped counting at 70 and there are at least twice that many.

    I wonder what the exact story behind that picture is. I mean, part of it is obvious, but…

    > People at my work already know I’m a wota, so when I have a concert coming up I’ll just say “I have my main job on that day so I’m going to have to take the day off.” And they let me.
    Main job, that’s nice.

  5. 13: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/03/27(月) 11:33:34.90 0
    Lowering the volume of music in your car when stopping at lights.

    I’ll do this even if all my windows are up.

  6. Do I talk to my H!P Pictures? Of course not, don’t be daft!

    My tapestries would get jealous if I did!

  7. >Henkka: “Good Evening from the Forest of Assholes.” I think it might be time to rename this site.

    Yup, that sums us up pretty well <3

  8. 13: 名無し募集中。。。 2006/03/27(月) 11:33:34.90 0
    Lowering the volume of music in your car when stopping at lights.

  9. I would probably be Jasmine and be with Karin. Of course cats aren’t objects, but hey, I’m a rebel.

  10. I don’t mind being Risako’s hair, you know. I don’t mind if she will dye me with different colors. I don’t mind if she will curl or straighten me as long she’ll be contented with the result. It’s because her soft hands will touch me and at the same time, I know she will take good care of me.

  11. The first picture…..t here are people who have the shirt I want to buy….. hanging on their walls…… ;___;

  12. Heh. These guys are crazy. Talking to pictures. Heh… Me? I only cry slowly in front of pictures of Yukarin.. and Berryz…Why…

  13. 86: 名無し募集中。。。 2009/10/01(木) 21:47:44.05 0
    When I’m eating cake and stuff, I leave just a tiny piece of it on the plate and in my mind I’m talking to myself, going “and that’s for you, Sayu ♪”

    81: 名無し募集中。。。 2009/10/01(木) 16:28:02.92 0
    I want a free software that lets you easily play small audio clips of H!P members talking. That way I’d be able to have simple conversations with them.

    I heard a while ago that in their early days AKB48 released meals with AKB48 videos that contained videos the the members eating meals and talking to the camera. I’ve never actually seen any evidence of their existence, but it seems like there would have been a market for them.

  14. Attempt at a double A-side reversal

    いいえか!?/「嫌 奴」
    Iieka!? / “Iya Yatsu”
    which according to Google Translate works out to
    Or No!? / “Asshole”

  15. Whenever I think I have no life, I can just come back and read these threads to cheer myself up.

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