11 comments on “If Maa-chan was a lawyer

  1. Judge: And does the Defense attorney have anything else to add

    Maa-chan: Yes your honor, the defendant Oda couldnt have possibly committed the crime of stealing center from Rih….. (ring)(ring) Hello, who is ——-TANASA-TAN!!!!! Yeah i can talk, im not doing anything important

    Judge:Excuse me!!! Miss Sato, you are out of order..This is a courtroo-

    Maa-chan:(to judge)Shut up, i’m on the phone with Tanasa-tan…Dont you know that 6ki are the best…(to reina)Yeah, im back…This guy with a hammer kept banging it loudly so i told him to shut up…So Tanasa-tan, I found the skin cream you always use, it smells so good but not as good as it smells on you!!!!

  2. Maa-chan: My client thinks he likes Tanasa-tan more than I do, so I’m not defending him anymore! Give him the death sentence, your honor!

    • Wow, when she’s in top form she is really amazing isn’t she? I wish she was “on point” like that more often. In fact she’s been kinda in the background lately. Let’s all drink a toast to Maa-chan comin’ back with guns blazing, taking NO prisoners.

  3. – Are you ok judge-san?
    – I don’t want to do this anymore!
    – Have you asked Minishige-san about this?
    – ahahahaha
    – Mou~ yadda!

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