14 comments on “Presents you’ve sent to H!P members

  1. “They’re afraid electronics might contain wiretaps.”

    I can’t tell if this is just joking or a legitimate concern that has been expressed. Given some of these people spending thousands of dollars and riding trains to see members’ parents’ houses, I caaaan see such a concern.

  2. “8: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/11/24(日) 17:09:46.26 0
    ATM card”

    Really cutting to the chase, isn’t he. How about his retirement account too.

  3. LOL, never thought about Wire taps or other monitoring devices… Its definitely possible in this day and age with the technology and obsession of some fans

  4. This makes me regret I didn’t leave a present for Sayu when I saw her in Paris in 2010. I remember being too much worried that she wouldn’t like my present so I didn’t buy her anything… I just made a card. Maybe next time… ^^

  5. I’ll give Daiishi a a gift card 5$ I’m pretty sure it she’ll treasure it.. ha I love her to death. I was actually thinking of slipping a kudo reference on the game were developing. I know the girls likes playing mobile. I dont know..maybe… we’ll see..

  6. for me I would give consumable goods like nail polish,perfumes and other cosmetics
    things that never get enough to have

  7. Since Maasa likes Moomins, I gave her a Moomin collection cup and hand towel for her birthday. Also put in a Moomin card. Even the bag where the gifts were in was Moomin themed :D. I was really glad to be able to hand it to her personally : ).

  8. I sent Chii’s pet Ponchan a dog house in the form of a strawberry.
    I have yet to send an actual gift to Chii herself.

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