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  1. LOL… Glad nobody knows of my Jpop Idol obsession yet… I got private and public accounts set up on my computer… Kamei Eri is actually the background pic of my Google chrome web browser and my favorites tab is full of H!P, AKBg (mainly HKT), and Momoclo sites

    Tend to slip up a few times and almost make references about the idol world to normal people and forget that they’d have no clue wut im talking about… Almost referenced a momusu song when i heard some music playing at work and forgot that would be impossible for it to be on a normal american radio station

    • At least it wasn’t


      I think that song would call for some harassment of the OP, simply out of sheer necessity

    • I’d feel obligated to counter them with


      just to see if they frequented this site…


  2. I used to make video games. I was in Japan, meeting with our developers. There was me (designer/writer), a project manager, and a translator from our side; and two directors and a designer from the Japanese company.
    I had picked up a porno DVD from Akiba the night before, and forgot it was still in my laptop. When I turned on the laptop, the porno started back up – with audible sound. I quickly closed the laptop and looked around. No one seemed to notice. I opened it again to try to close down the video player, but it started up again. It was almost comical. I finally just hit eject and that seemed to solve things.
    Nobody let on, but I can’t imagine they didn’t hear the moaning coming from my speakers.

    I’m not embarrassed about being a momusu fan. Most of my friends know I like them, and I’m very open about it with my wife. I made my own t-shirt through an online site and wear it with pride (and I get compliments from strangers). My stance is: It’s only weird if you make it weird.
    But I guess “wota” take it to entirely different levels. I’m still kind of naive to the whole phenomenon. I don’t even have a favorite, though I definitely have a top 3 (Maa-chan, Duu and Riho).

      • Those loli members are going to be the best-looking members in the next 5 years or so ^_^

        Plus there isn’t a person alive that can resist Maa-chan. TRUTH

        She already looks so much like a young Ishikawa Rika, IMO…

    • That’s a solid Top 3 you’ve got there, good sir!

      Mine would be Maa-Riho-Daaishi

      And I know what you mean about not having an exact favorite…they’re all talented in their own unique ways.

  3. I wouldn’t consider myself a wota, but when my Dad used my mobile phone and saw a Mano Erina wallpaper. I had to explain that she isn’t as young as she appears.

  4. Something similar happened to me when I was still in high school. I was always listening to my IPod, which was full of jpop and kpop songs, and a girl who sited beside me asked to look through the library. I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want to explain to her why I listened to asian music, but I let her take it so I wouldn’t seem unsociable. I regret that to this day. Of all the 800+ songs that were in my IPod at that time, she picked W’s “Ai no Imi wo Oshiete” to listen to. I’m a girl, but I still wanted to die of embarrassment. Even today I can’t listen to this song without remembering this situation and getting frustrated all over again.

    • but…that’s a good song!

      The problem, IMO, lies with people that aren’t used to such a “genki” type of song.

      I say all this, yet when my sister randomly picked “Robo Kiss” to play from my iPod I felt the same kind of shame…LOL

  5. I’m pretty open about my fandom, (got two friends into it in fact.)
    The only time I felt slightly awkward was when a girl on the train asked where I got the Momusu shirt I was wearing and then stared at me because I explained the lengths I went through to get it.

    • Your otaku was showing, that’s why LOL

      While my friends don’t mind my idol fandom, it’s unfortunate that I don’t really know anyone else that’s actually into idols.

      Talking to others online in places like this has its limits, or at least feels that way to me
      (not that I dislike talking here or anything…)



  6. OP made it embarrassing for himself by acting embarrassed. MM is always on my laptop wallpaper in some form or another and it’s never a big deal. Most ppl will just ask “oh who are they? some korean girl group?” and that’s all.

    • I do the same for the cellphone wallpaper and people hardly show any interest; they assume it’s just some random asian celebrity

      OP needs to learn to be proud of his hobbies, IMO

  7. Konnichipa?!

    Hahaha oh shit yes!

    I’m not sure if he could have fucked up any harder, well maybe if he had a loli as his background instead (Rihoriho!)…that’d easily alienate him from the rest of the class, LOL

  8. I usually hide the fact that i’m a momusu fan, especially to japanese friends. I just mentioned them one time to one of them, since she likes momoclo i thought it was ok to say it.
    Also I feel really lonely about not having any wota friends ( even online D: )

  9. I’m the type of fan who doesn’t like to shove my fandom down others’ throats (unlike some jpop/kpop fanboys/girls I know). I just have Momochi on my phone’s wallpaper and some other beautiful (classy) pics in the phone’s albums to cheer me up. Whenever someone sees my phone’s wallpaper I just say she’s a singer in Japan, and they usually don’t ask anything else. And when someone asks what kinda music I listen to I just tell them that I listen to mostly jpop/jrock. They don’t need to know anything else honestly. Only those who are fellow fans of japanese music will ask more, and usually they understand. I guess it depends on where you’re from too.

    • Someone asked me once who is that girl on my phone (rihoriho) then someone said “It’s kaori-san! Veggie is inlove with Kaori-san!”

      I still have no idea who the hell is kaori-san

    • Agreed. I hide from nobody my wota status on that very principle. And some do think I’m crazy or weeaboo or pedo or dorky. It’s there problem. I feel sorry for them they are missing out on a flavor conveyed by nothing else in the history of the world.

  10. My friends and colleagues know that I’m a Momusu wota, at first I was quite embarrassed but after a while, I’m no longer blushing for my passion in Momusu. These people do make fun of me once in a while, but they know when to stop…..especially when my venomous tongue starts taking over me. Thanks Chayuuuuuuu for being a good teacher! :P

  11. oh, i am really a yajima maimi fan, (i really like her but i don’t know if that is considered as wota because i cannot buy their singles, dvd concerts, photobooks, cannot attend concerts and hand shake events because i am not living in japan) i only download them.

    but for me, just be yourself and be proud of it (because it will make you feel, contented). You cannot please everybody with your explanation. just tell them, if someone notice it, what you really want to to tell. (but if the explanation is R18), use a physiological explanation. (n_n)…

  12. I exposed myself since day 1 that I like J-music. It has been good 16 years with no regret

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