38 comments on “Sanma: “What cup size are you?” Fukumura Mizuki: “I don’t know.”

  1. I find it astounding how the girls kept their composure despite the obviously harassing questions.

    Don’t be that guy, Sanma-san.

  2. Poor Mizuki’s going to have nightmares about Sanma now.

    It was pretty funny how he was going crazy over here boobs though.

  3. That Sanma-san-guy is so disgusting. Just beacause he is the host of a radio program and they are his guests doesn’t make it okay to ask such questions to a 16-year old. What a sexist creep.

    I love Momousu and H!P for the music, performances and their personalities, but other parts of the idol industry is much harder to stomach…

  4. Awh, you can obviously see she’s not comfortable. Maybe once she’s older, she can learn to accept it for entertainment’s sake and answer boldly instead of just refusing to say anything. I still think it’s awkward to ask something like that, but she could have agreed with Sayu and accused Sanma of sexual harassment just to lighten up the mood. (Like this: http://youtu.be/oioU59zoi3I?t=1m53s )

    I really hope she’s okay with modeling in swim suits, since she seems so embarrassed.

  5. Sanma was just playing/kidding around. I bet Fuku-chan’s photobook’s got more sales from men listening to the program who wouldnt have bought it otherwise. For those who don’t know, Sanma is one of the more popular comedian/hosts in Japan for quite some time now, he isn’t just an ordinary perverted host.

      • I never said it should make things better for you. It’s Japanese comedy and is accepted by the Japanese public. Go write and complain to Tsunku if you people feel so strongly against HP girls guesting with Sanma and comedians with similar “style”. The day HP will listen to your complaints will be the day those girls will disappear from the public eye.

        • of course, the only way a girl can earn public recognition is by talking about her boobs and agreeing to be sexually harassed just so that a couple of lonely guys can laugh and fap

    • what the hell man. you just defended a 58 year old creep perving on a 16 year old girl boobs, on a national radio. and yes, anybody who does that is an “ordinary perverted host”. just because he’s famous that doesn’t make him any different from any other disgusting old creep on the planet. think again next time you wanna say something like that.

  6. Between this and TMR asking Yurina about her period I’m seriously side-eyeing these male show hosts right now. Yeah, I get it, it’s “just for fun” and “part of being an Idol” and whatever else, but how long are wota/celebs/idols themselves going to turn a blind eye to the blatant sexism in the industry? Why do people treat it like it’s a necessary evil? Just because it’s an inherent part of the industry doesn’t mean we should just be okay with it. Thank god for Sayu for intervening (and still going about it in an amusing manner – she’s a pro!).

  7. Lol it’s Sanma. They guy who once said to Takahashi Ai’s face he fapped to her photobooks. How was this not expected when he gets an idol with rocket boobs on his show? :)

  8. you can pretty much see the cultural differences here.
    with most of us agreeing it’s innapropriate to ask, while 2ch thinking that the answer is boring. in japan it seems things need to take a harassing turn to become amusing and because most of their variety surrounds that people there aren’t as appalled by us.

    granted it still doesn’t justify and a lot of japanese variety lately with idols lately usually makes me a bit uncomfortable.

  9. Sanma-san hentai oji! fuka has probably the most abundance on body of the younger group, but the girl is so damn pure..

  10. 20: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/12/11(水) 22:41:36.45 0
    “I’m world cup.“

    holy shit best answer ever

    • I don’t really understand what’s so special about it.
      It’s just fairly curvy and big in build for a Japanese body,
      but in Western countries this is not too uncommon.
      Is it because her body looks kinda “curvy western”?
      I don’t know…

  11. Thanks a lot Mizuki. Because of you I can no longer say I’ve never fantasized about fucking an idol.

  12. Doesn’t Sanma have this reputation as a bit of a ‘dirty old man’ already established?? I mean, I don’t think you go on his show and expect some high-brow conversation.

    And really, after seeing all the stuff these female idols have to go through with the male comedians (Fukuda getting hit in the head all the way back to the beginning of MM to Momochi getting violently kicked to the ground come to mind immediately), this is sort of tame in comparison! Not that it’s right or offensive, of course, but this is what comes with the territory of being a female idol in Japan.

    From a leadership perspective, I think this is the one issue Fukumura is going to have to learn to deal with. Very soon Sayumi won’t be there to interrupt and she’s gonna have to come with some sort of way to answer these questions. This isn’t rocket science, she just needs a couple of stock answers or deflections handy to use when one of these comedians says something like this.

    • add to that the recent yurina thing. stuff you mentioned makes me fed up with japanese showbiz to the point of disgust. she shouldn’t have to learn to deal with this, she should have slapped the shit out of him, but alas, not gonna happen in 1000 years in that part of the world. you really could tell how embarrassed she was jfc

  13. Wow…well I guess this is one of those cultural differences. I’m pretty sure if this ever happened in like America or something the host would be fired, sued, and everything else lol Then again, this is probably why you won’t ever have “idols” in America (I mean…the closest “idol” you can get is Disney stars who sing…and look how they turned out AFTER). This is probably also why it’s hard to sell Morning Musume for an international audience.

    • that’s japanese d- cup. western clothing measurements would be more of a b or c-cup if i guess correctly.

  14. i remember sayu being bashed/teased in londonhearts because she never had a boyfriend. i wonder how much it impacts a woman to be told how sexually inexperienced she is (saying sayu won’t be able to guess how much hands would be on her, and that her partner would be some lowly mechanical man or sort) and that is a public airing with everyone around..

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