10 comments on “Tokunaga Chinami: “Stop it!! You PERVERT!!!”

    • Agreed, that would be pretty funny/interesting to watch, lol. Sadly, Chii is not nearly loli enough for Sayu’s taste ^_^;;

  1. God, I could watch this clip all day. Momochi’s hair fluttering in the wind…god, she’s so fantastic. It feels like she hasn’t aged at all since the release of VERY BEAUTY.

    *watches the clip on repeat all day*

    …I’m starting to feel like those guys in the last Sayu thread now…oh Momochi, why are you so wonderful yet distant?! Sigh…

    I love hearing Maasa talk, too. Something about her voice is so peaceful and calming <3 Chinami is always hilarious as well! Especially when she's constantly dozing off, hahaha!

  2. Oops, forgot the most important part…Thanks as always, Henkka! It feels like you’ve upped the pace of translations lately, and for that I’d like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of everyone here. I can’t read Japanese (or, rather, all that damn kanji), so your efforts are a boon to us all. I feel like thanking you each time you post a thread, but that’d get sickeningly repetitive so I’ll just leave it all on the table right here, right now.

    I love you Henkka! Beard and all <3 Just like our idols, I'll continue to support you with all my strength! Wasshoi!~

    (no brown-nosing and no homo here, just lots of appreciation…cheers!)

    • Hey, thanks a lot. Usually the appreciation doesn’t extend as far as my beard, so now you’ve made him blush. Silly beard.

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