26 comments on “How can you guys attend events at local shopping centers and stuff and not feel embarrassed?

  1. “Hey, funny seeing you here!”

    “….oh….yeah, um, I was just passing by. What’s going on here?”

    “Looks like a handshake event for some girl named Sayashi. She looks kind of gloomy, eh?”

    “Nah, man, Riho is actually pretty energetic these days.”

    “……………………………………………YOU HAVE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD”

    “WELL, SH*T”

    (It’s probably a lot “safer” to wear idol apparel over here in the USA since BITCHES CAN’T READ MAH HIRAGANAS)

      • Not only in Japan ! But I would have imagined that being so popular (not being some indy american band) people would have no problem with that. I guess the problem comes for wotas who could have children the age of the members :P I like to think that if I went to a concert in Japan when im 22 or so, there would be no major issue, other than racism.

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  3. i think we’re still more mainstream than anime fans. i think. i mean we still like 3D girls, amirite?

  4. I kinda understand what these guys mean, i don’t really talk about my idol fandom with anyone i know in real life. People close to me know i like japanese music but thats about it.

    • I really don’t care. All my friends know. Random ppl I know at work, know. I have music videos playing on my 10″ tablet in the car, so random people who drive by me know.

  5. Thanks Henkka for yet another translation….Your comment at the end really cracked me up! I’m sure you’re sick of hearing people thank you all the time, bro, but we really appreciate and respect you, from your alcohol loving habit to your so called “lousy” moustache to your beard right down to your toes! Long live Henkka!

  6. I was gonna chose comment #4 as my favorite until I read Henkka’s comment lol… There is definitely something wrong with lmao, that was tooo funny

    But yeah, i wish i had those problems… i would sell my left testicle for a chance to go to a Momusu event…

  7. You HAVE to go. Your oshis have asked you to support them. Ignoring such a request from such persons is unthinkable. If you want to avoid this problem then don’t be an wota.

  8. I went to the Juice=Juice release event. Had the advantage of no one knowing me because I am a foreigner. However… I posted everything on Twitter and I have some high profile people following me…

  9. I wonder if lady-wota have these same apprehensions? I can understand male wota worrying that they make come across as “gross perverts” for following a group full of young girls. As a woman though, I just have fun with it and let my older-sister-feelings flow without any regrets while doing chants.

    Besides, if the co-worker or friend is a wota too, then you have an event/concert buddy, right? Or is that strange?

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