16 comments on “I don’t understand why Fukuda Kanon is so underrated! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

  1. I used to be rooting for Kanyon, but reading her blog made me like her a lot less, or rather, feel too worried about her to enjoy her. Her relationship with food and her self image come across as extremely unhealthy. Reading her congratulating herself for not eating all day is just too upsetting for me.

  2. I really liked her before, but somehow I feel like her being so self-conscious just makes everything about seem more fabricated. I feel like her charm has changed, or maybe it’s just not there anymore.

  3. Her vocals are definitely amongst the top in H!P, with great range and control. Her looks, imo, are also amongst the top. But I kinda agree with your opinions. She is pretty paranoid about her weight, even though she has no reason to imo. Though I don’t see why people should hate her for that. When I see her interacting with the other girls, it always seems to me like she’s holding back something. In a recent pocket morning, (http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=helloapp&CODE=article&topic=1806) it shows she’s well-liked by the other girls in s/mileage, but we’re not really seeing much of that side of her.

  4. I hate that Kanyon is undervalued. She is VERY talented.
    It’s also funny that we talk about how she is always playing a personality, yet when she is being honest on her blog (about her diet and weight) we come down on her hard.

  5. I love her when she’s performing but it’s hard to watch her show off her ‘idol personality’ side.

    It’s funny that you mentioned that Nama Sma thing, because even her B.L.T. collab t-shirt is about dieting… I found that weird that she would put that on a t-shirt, but it makes sense now. If she’s always “dieting”, isn’t it just her lifestyle to cut back and eat less? lol

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  7. Kanyon has a great voice but i wouldnt say she is Top 3 in current H!P, shes not even the best in her group cause MeiMei is a monster… As for talking/variety skills she is probably 3rd currently behind Sayu and Momo.. But as a whole, she is all around one of the most talented in H!P history but thats just how the idol game is, some super talented people dont get the recognition they deserve while lesser talented people do (ie. Koharu)

    The problem with her is she doesnt have a consistent character, her characters are entertaining but she is forced to change them so often that people cant keep up and get dissuaded from liking her

  8. Kanon is a pretty weird one. She has good and bad sides. That 39 person is kind of right.

    But that person above him, monster 38, is crazy! Airi doesn’t have a good personality? That just like stating that “most likely Jesus as person was an a-hole”. Now it’s confirmed that right now Japan has at least 1 mental case person. Of course that person is into 2ch but that isn’t a surprise to anyone :)

    • Mentioning Jesus in an idol-related thread? It’s not the place to do that, that’s kinda like mentioning how we should love and respect animals to a bunch of hunters. Plus Airi really isn’t the most interesting person/idol in the world, she just has a lot of talent.

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