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  1. Painfully cute, funny, energetic, good at talking, good at singing, and good at dancing. Her personality is so charming. Capable of sing in cool husky voice or high pitch cutesy voice. She’s like swiss army knife (you literally could open a bottle of coke or beer with her teeth… no I’m just kidding. Don’t do it to her.), except she’s warm, soft, cute, and huggable*.

    *only if you’re her colleague, friends, or family.

    (And those PBs and gravures. Holy cow, are those even legal? I mean, damn son! Look at her **** and ***. Good lord! Those are some Jared Fogle kind of things right there, dog. You know what I’m saying?)

    Perfect? Yes, well at least for me.

    Talking about PB and gravure works. I’m looking at you guys. You all have done something to her which you should ashamed of. Don’t lie, homie.

  2. 106: 名無し募集中。。。 2019/04/25(木) 14:27:43.73 0
    It’s like they were thinking it’d be bad if they made Musume too powerful, so they sacrificed this ace candidate to ANGERME just to maintain balance.

    Nah, still feel like Chii is the right pick for Morning out of all the Country transfers. She to me was the standout star after Inaba Manaka took that hiatus. Angerme though did get extremely powerful and for awhile it was debatable as to who the best group in H!P was. They already had the legendary Ayacho, the incredibly talented 2nd gen and Murota Mizuki who was only 2nd to Maa-chan to me in overall idol ability so adding in Funaki was like saying we don’t need to rely on Morning alone to make money. Juice-Juice too picking up Manakan, Danbaru, and Yanamin became a bit overpowered as well

    • Angerme is still pretty powerful, I will say watch out for Ebi-chan (Ise Layla). She gives angerme a large skill boost. Visually, angerme has some smoking hot hotti totties, Moe is hiding her curves like pirate gold, we’ve talked about Musubu, and Kassa is poised (in a couple years)to have one of the sexiest bodies in H!P perhaps rivaling Uemuu or Loverin.

      I honest feel like the loss of Ayacho really weakens angerme. If Ayacho would have stayed another year, I think they certainly would have been competing hard with Momusu. But now the balence is restored.

  3. There is no such a thing as a perfect idol. Momoko and Sayumi were pretty damn complete idol in every way, but nothing is common about those two.

    As far as Funaki, and also Yanakawa Nanami, they are cute, have great stage presence, good at talking/speech and most importantly, have HUGE assets.

    • For me, I put Musubu and Manaka on the same path as Momo and Sayu. They just feel like they’re cut from the same cloth, although out of those 4, I feel Sayu took a little longer to have that idolness to her. I’m hoping both Musubu and Manaka stay in the idol business as long as Momo and Sayu.

  4. Japan needs to figure out a way to clone her. Soon. Funaki is perfect… not just as an idol but as a female.

  5. Funaki really is a top idol but her looks aren’t ‘trendy’ for the current idol scene which is probably why she hasn’t caught on. The current boom in Japan is small face, long legs, which is why K-POP groups like TWICE and I*ZONE and Nogizaka46 are so popular with both male and female idol fans. That’s why Maria is one of H!P’s top gravure girls and gets so many gravure magazine covers even though Fuku-chan is closer to the traditional gravure type.

    If this was about 20 years ago, nobody would be picking on Funakki for her height or body because Minimoni/Hamasaki Ayumi made the demand for short, cute girls.

    Despite that though, Funakki still is pretty popular within all of H!P. She and Kamiko are usually at #1 and/or #2 in ANGERME popularity. She isn’t underrated at all within the current Japanese fandom.

  6. Funaki is the real Momochi successor. While Maachan is a genius for inadvertantly causing entertainment, Funaki can do it deliberately, and in more formal variety settings, too. (That latter part is where other interesting girls in H!P falter, such as Murotan.)

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