11 comments on “Hello! Project COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK 20th Anniversary Edition Interviews: Tsunku♂

  1. I wonder if Danbaru’s rhythm is the biggest problem a non-MM idol has been having lately, for Tsunku to feel the need to name drop her loll

    • she’s going to have to make a pilgrimage to Hawaii to learn the art of the 16 beat from Tsunku-sensei

  2. I also have this sense of Danbara Ruru being an important name of H!P in the future….
    Nice translation, thanks again~

  3. That last bit about the leader needing to be free is very true. AKB’s Takahashi Minami (who was general manager of the entire 48G for a while) mentioned that as well, that she was so greatful for having solo bits on stage or her no3b activity where she could promote just herself, because if you give everything to leadership, it hollows you out.

    That’s why it seems like idols are usually most successful when their leaders are also their frontgirls. Groups where the leader isn’t popular don’t seem to do so well.

  4. Never too late to learn about Tsunku and this industry. Appreciated the translation as a newcomer.

  5. It’s always nice to learn more about the man and the goings-on. Tsunku may not as in the forefront as he used to be, but he’s always at the front of our hearts.

    Another fantastic translation as usual. Thank you very much!

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