12 comments on “Hamaura Ayano: “I want to be an idol forever.”

  1. Happy New Year Henkka 8)

    I have to agree with #285. For now, I’m glad Hama-chan is enjoying being an idol :3

    • It seem like a lot of Hama-chan fans expect to die of old age before she turns 30.

      To all those fans, I say Happy New Year. We are one year closer to the year Hama-chan will be 30 – and to our deaths.

  2. Yup, this is probably fueled by momochi’s graduation annoucement.. Momo used to say she was going to be an idol forever and mabye Hama-chan wants to pick up that title since Momo is the person she likes the most

  3. I agree with the last two, even if she may change her mind in the near future, right now Hama-chan really feels that way!!! I’m glad she is enjoying this, hope she really gets to do wht she loves for a long time!!

  4. What a great thread to start off the year. I think Hama-chan is really cool to say something like this. As a Japanese woman planning to put work over family in the future even at the age of 16 is amazing. Though lots of new gen H!P members seem to have a different and stronger outlook on their career. I’m really looking forward to what H!P will look like 14 years from now!

    Happy New Year Henkka!

  5. I wasn’t so convinced before based on personality in PVs but after seeing this and a lot other things… Hamachan may well be Momoko’s sort of successor…

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