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  1. Actually everything sound so good when you listen it with high resolution / monitor headphone. But my latest best H!P song is Anju’s Desugita (concert ver.)

    • Well… everything sounds better, but you can’t polish a turd.

      With that said, if you think of yourself as a music fan (regardless of what you think about H!P music specifically), you pretty much owe it to yourself to listen on a good pair of headphones, or otherwise just a good sound system. I guess that goes without saying though. But really, treating yourself to a decent pair of headphones is a purchase I don’t think anyone who loves music would regret. And I say this as someone whose most expensive pair is in the measly $100-150 range — I always have had a strange fetish for my Sennheiser HD-280 Pros. (Going on my third pair at the moment.)

      • A really good pair of headphones will make you rediscover your favourite songs all over again. And they make Tsunku’s backing vocals come out really nicely.

  2. this critically hits my musician’s heart… every song sounds better with a good pair of headphones… I love the H!P funk songs so much so I’d just name all my favorite songs… but to be honest… I came to like tiki bun because I was listening to it on my headphones… now it’s one of my favorite songs… so I’d recommend it ^^

    as a bassist myself I really like to listen to those songs that have weird but interesting basslines… like Mr. Moonlight, maji desu ka ska, utakata saturday night, etc… those are perfect with headphones… but that’s just me… there are so many different songs/styles/genres… to be honest… that’s what I love about H!P and about the fans… noone ever has the same favorite songs… every song is loved by someone! and that’s why I read so many comments and opinions…

  3. I think Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku is a fun one to listen to with headphones.

    Also, Organ Dude is my new Kobushi oshi.

  4. Drummer dude (Yasuo Sano) has played with Yoko Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto. I think he’s fun to watch. :)

  5. Popcorn Love is one of my favorite H!P b-sides. It’s a good, catchy tune that leaves you with a sense of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ in general.

  6. i usually only listen to my idol music playlsits with good quality headphones unless im in the car but i used to put on repeat the most Morning Musumes Namidacchi and Help me… then Toki Wo Koe Sora for a long time… Now its Kobushi Factorys Survivor, that song just hits so hard through the headphones..

    Outside of H!P though, off Babymetal’s new album Metal Resistance, “The One” maybe the best song i’ve hard all year, maybe since Toki Wo Koe was released.. Everything about that song is perfect, from the opening guitar riffs, to the complex yet harmonious melody to Suu-Metals awesome voice in Japanese and English

  7. I actually used to fall asleep with Buono’s Deep Mind on earphones. It’s all out with the drums, but I really like it so I tried to listen to it during my free time (which is also only about for sleeping).
    I think I like all the Buono on earphones/headphones. Also, the live perfs, they sound so fun when in maximum volume.

  8. Koi wa Magnet sound just terrific on headphones. Can’t name any other recent H!P songs which would be so eargasmic as it.

  9. I rather like the updated version of Renai Hunter through headphones (my good pair broke recently though :'()
    Also Shabondama, Doki Doki Love Mail and Inspiration

  10. Most jpop and H!P music has terrible mastering and post production.

    After spending lots of money on higher end audio gear, it’s depressing to hear how terrible everything is. High fidelity terribleness.

    Also, someone needs to invent headphones that mute out the rest of the track so you only hear the Tsunku vocals.

    • I would buy those Tsunku voice isolation headphones in a heartbeat.

      PS. I think I remember chatting with you sometimes years ago on the H!O IRC channel. Good to hear from you.

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