39 comments on “The greatest thighs of Hello! Project

  1. oh a lot come to mind in an instant
    kamei eri
    tsuji nozomi
    take chan

    i like takechans the best
    so massive and powerfull (potentially, if she decided to work on them)
    kinda remind me of adon from street fighter
    i m envious of that muscle mass
    i imagine her father like that fisherman/diver/boxer from that hajime no ippo anime

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  3. Miya & Dawa
    Their shape and length are just right, not too skinny, not too bulky, not too muscular either.
    Even PBs from both are a literal thighfest
    just… RIGHT!

  4. “66: 名無し募集中。。。 2016/05/11(水) 10:22:56.00 0
    Makino Maria. There’s just the right amount of muscularity, thickness and length, and her kneecaps are nice and small, too.”

    Kneecaps??? What is she, a piece of meat?

  5. Who is this Reirei girl and why have I missed her so many times before?? Wow!

    If you photos posted as votes, I think Maimi won.

    • And some naive people still believe that wotaing is all about the music. Ha, ha, ha!

  6. amazing thread… we should try to come up with the perfect HP idol by taking the best boobs, ass, thighs, face, etc. from one member and putting them together.

  7. 6th gen needs to be mention more, not only Eririn is missing, i think Sayu’s long legs are great too!!

  8. The only logical answer is “All Of Them, Katie” and enjoy all the pic goodness.

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