40 comments on “How did you guys fill the hole left in your hearts by Kamei Eri?

    • This is what introduced me to H!P in February this year. I had never been interested in Japanese idols even though I knew of their existence. This video changed everything. I randomly came across it while watching videos about Japanese games and before I knew it I had spent my entire free week watching and collecting H!P videos.

    • I remember finding this video randomly like 7 years ago and I thought it was this funny I showed it to all my friends and family members. About a year later I got into Morning Musume through friends, Eri becoming slowly my favourite, and I think it took me like 2 years to refind this video? Only to notice this was Eri. I was completely shocked by that haha.

  1. えりの代わりは居やしない *sings*

    Eririn was special… and special people can’t be replaced… she’ll always have a place in my heart… from time to time I watch the Rival Survival Concert (just yesterday night to celebrate her birthday) and Haro!Moni episodes… and of course all the Hawaii specials… just thinking about her makes me smile and sad at the same time…

    there’s only one member that comes close to this feeling… Maa-chan is an angel just like Eririn… she’s special… in a different way but not less precious to me… both live in their own weird world and fool around…

    I can totally relate to what everyone says about not getting into her videos now… it totally hurts when you realize, that she won’t come back… ever… but on the other hand – you might find a new member who’s special to you and who’s still with H!P…

  2. The Rokkies were simply awesome. Arguably the best batch in MM history. Each girl was unique, beautiful, charismatic and immensely talented (not necessarily at singing though… right Sayu?).

    Eririn was only my 3rd Rokkies fav, and yet I still consider her to be one of the most memorable MM member.

    There have been some good members before and after the Rokkies. But no other generation ever had this complete, high level of awesomeness. Good God, Tsunku, why did you let them go! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU FOOL!!

    Anyway, long live the Rokkies (in our memories, at least)

  3. The gap never really filled for me. It was filled about 90% eventually by Ayumi and Maachan combined.

    Man, she was so perfect. I’m sad now (lol).

  4. Ah Eri, she really was quite something else, this video will probably stay in my mind forever, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KUsf9tQl-0 . Eri at her best being all cute and philosophical at the same time, drinking cocoa and solving world problems.

    Now that I think about it she should totally become the next secretary general of the UN.


  5. 2: 名無しさん 2014/04/02(水)15:37:13 ID:sLzbx0dc1
    Please just try to move on quickly. Otherwise, you’ll become like me. A ghost who just can’t let go. Ever.
    >>I’ve also only got to know eri when the headlines are all over the place due to her graduation. So that’s how it is, she was gone but it was like five years or more of can’t let go. It took entire morning musume ’14 fill me at least, but that’s just about 45%. I can no longer be crazy after Kamei. No longer…

    Somehow, the consecutive graduations help me forget. It now became a habit. Love/ Support the girl more when she’s now about to graduate. Something I wasn’t able to do for Kamei.

  6. As expected of Henkka, it was Kamei Eri.

    But still, I think I shall avoid becoming even more of a departed spirit than I have already turned into. That would be better, much healthier, yes.

    Anyhow, thank you for the threads.

  7. You know, as much as I like Eririn, when you said you’d be doing about a member with not enough conversation about them, I was hoping it’d be Kago…

    Would you consider doing Kago threads? Reaction to her scandals? Conversation from before them? Opinions on Girls Beat? I think it’d be really interesting, and there’s so little of that kind of thing on this site, especially since she’s still active, musically.

  8. I filled my void with Eripon at first then Sato.. but you soon realize that no matter what similarities you may see, no one can be like Kamei… She was a special existence that cant be duplicated, her personality is just to distinct

    Maa-chan is a genius though.. She is the one closest to a Kamei Eri type idol.. She can sing, dance and is funny as all hell, a complete package.. I would be surprised if she isnt the next center after Riho’s graduation, there isnt anybody ass well rounded as she is left in the group besides oda who is already a center

  9. Am i the only person who had a huge grin on their face as they scrolled down through this post… I couldnt stop smiling…

    19: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/10/08(火) 22:50:59.20 0
    So I rewatched the Pikapika concert, and throughout the entire concert she was freely having so much fun and dancing however she wanted. I was like “Huh? Was she always this cute?“

    To this day PikaPika is still the best idol concert i have ever seen, even more so than rival survival… The Platinum Era lineup, the set list, the outfits, the atmosphere were all top notch.. It just looked like everyone had the most fun doing this one especially Kamei not to mention how ridiculously pretty everybody looked… I rewatch this concert moreso than any other by any idol group

  10. This thread is like a preview of what it’s going to be like when Henkka graduates from Wota in Translation.

    For all you poor fools just found this site today, don’t read this site any further.

    ” 2: 名無しさん 2014/04/02(水)15:37:13 ID:sLzbx0dc1
    Please just try to move on quickly. Otherwise, you’ll become like me. A ghost who just can’t let go. Ever.”

  11. Ah yeah, Eri. I remember when I got back into the fandom after Platinum Era everybody cried so much about her. It was nothing compared to Uta. Yuuka might have been a bit worse, though.

    • You left HP during Platinum? Some people have been dismembered, boiled, skinned, crucified and left to the hyenas for less!

      • Granted, I left before Platinum. After Yossy’s graduation I just followed them half-heartedly, and when Miki retreated I said goodbye. Please go easy on me though, I was a stupid teenager.

  12. I once thought that Maa-chan can be my next Eri. But I was wrong.
    Now I realised that both of them are legend in their own way. When the time of Maa-chan graduation comes, I will have to just accept another hole to my heart.

  13. I filled the hole with Chayu, Maro, Riho, and Meimi. And yes, next year my heart is basically a red swiss cheese.

  14. I just thought of another type of “heart-hole” that has not been mentioned yet.

    I know it must hurt when your #1 idol retires to become an ordinary girl, but think of the pain of TakaGaki fans? Sure, Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa are still around, and still performing, but for many fans, Takahashi Ai announcing that she was getting married to someone with XY chromosomes was something they never got over.

  15. Do they REALLY find her that attractive, or is this like the joke of Ishida being extremely poor? Serious question…

  16. Aww man I was just pulling myself back up from her graduation… this killed me..

  17. I didn’t pay much attention to Morning Musume until after 9th Generation had been selected so I have no hole to fill!

  18. I suffered from Kamei-loss for a good 3 months after her graduation though, but slowly it was Eripon who filled up a majority the gap together with Rinapuu and Uemuu later on. I found to see quite some similarities between Eripon and Kame, but in the end they’re two completely different persons. I’m glad I just didn’t quit being a Momusu wota after she graduated though.

  19. The gap was never filled for me either..Eririn is irreplaceable. But I felt much more at peace after seeing her off at Yokohama Arena…she was indeed a legendary idol!

    Thanks for the translations as always!

  20. the fact that im reading this for the 17th time just proves that the hole in my heart isn’t healed. Turtle :(

    until now i have been filling my heart with Oda Sakura (my still reigning oshi), Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane, Hagiwara Mai, Sasaki Rikako, Kamikokuryo Moe, Asakura Kiki and Tanitomo Ami.. but none of them have been really enough

    Yokoyama-chan is giving me pretty good eri-vibes with her wittyness, sense of humour and smile. I like her a lot already, but again mostly due to the fact that she reminds me even a little bit of eri.

    I’m lost forever, aren’t i..

  21. It’s 2018 and i still can’t let go of Eri. I truly have become one of the departed souls, yet trapped between the earth and the heavens…

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