27 comments on “I’ve found undeniable proof that Maimi and Nacky are dating

      • You’re such an awesome dude so we fellow foreign fans hope you can continue translating the 2ch threads so you should stay healthy then we can continue to appreciate you bro ;) hahaha

        • Hey, I’m not so unprofessional as to ever let something like the overconsumption of alcohol get in the way of producing a translation for you guys.

          … While the above paragraph is nothing but a blatant lie, thanks! :)

  1. My fave is sayu, reina and eri singing santa claus is coming to town. Sayu’s english was just so cute there. Im sure there are a couple of vids of this still floating around youtube.

    Merry Christmas Henkka! I hope you never tire of updating this awesomely addicting blogsite. (i dont know about other people but i visit here everyday to check for new posts.) for me, the mark of a great website is that it will be habit forming. For others, visiting facebook has become a habit, also visiting twitter for others. In my case, visiting wotaintranslation has become a habit that cannot be stopped. Cheers!

    • That may well be one of the best compliments I’ve received for this site. And unhealthy as it may be, I don’t think I have any option but to keep providing for the habit you’ve developed… ;) Anyway, thanks so much!

      But on a side note… you and others telling me they check the site daily kind of makes me feel guilty for updating so sporadically. I’d really recommend setting up either Twitter along with a desktop client like Janetter or TweetDeck, or (my personal preference) an RSS reader (I use RSSOwl). It’s so much easier keeping up with not just this blog, but any other blogs or sites that you may follow that have RSS.

      • There’s only one way not to feel guilty, bro, and that is to translate 2ch threads on a more regular basis! ;)

        Ok, I was half teasing…I guess the reason why you don’t translate that often is probably because you are busy and have a life on your own away from this website… Whatever the case is, I hope Brother Henkka knows that he is being appreciated by us foreign fans and sincerely hope he will do his best to translate the threads as often as he possibly can! 頑張って!!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Hard to argue with Tanpopo… but I prefer Pittari Shitai X’mas, it’s a lot more fun.

  3. This was great XMas gift :D

    How much there is JimaJima threads in 2ch? And do you have any idea what’s 2ch users favourite H!P pairing? :P

    And merry Christmas~!

    • Honestly, I just don’t browse 2ch enough to know the answer to either question. But if I had to guess… I have been seeing a lot appreciation for Sayu/Riho. But then I’m not sure if that’s so much a “pairing” as it is just, you know, Sayu being a delightful child molester.

    • For me it’ll always be Eri / Sayu. And it’s the only one I’m more than 50% serious about.
      May this sort of thing forever keep our sweethearts from winding up in a scandal.

  4. So this proof basically leaves Airi as the only member of C-ute who isnt a lesbian??? We’ve known forever that Okai and Maimai are married and now Maimi and Nacky… Maybe if Kanna was still here we could have triple dates, would love that to be a topic of a C-ute DVD Magazine lol

  5. Yaji-san is a plaaaya~~

    Wrong Tanpopo song, Henkka!~~

    Clearly you meant to say “Koi wo Shichaimashita”~~

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